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Calling the Taste Police - opinions required...

Ive got a short video clip of a yellow and a blue 172 with some really tasteless (in my opinion, of course!)Max Power type stickering. However, the blue one had the RenaultSport logo on the doors, in full colour, underneath the 2.0 16v badges. I reckon this looks really good. Unfortunately the guy that put those dolphins on the side of that tatty XR3i convertible also probably thought they looked good. What do ya reckon??? The car has "RenaultSport" on the engine, the seats, the steering wheel, the door sills and the boot, so why not the sides?

Oh yeah, and where can I get such items from?


  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah go for it. Draw the line at the chequerboard patterning though.

Youll have to get them made up yourself though. Is it my imagination or has the yellow one got a sunstrip on it?
  Opel Astra Caravan 1.8

Yes, Its my yellow ClioRS on that video... Taken like a year ago. A fresh picture can be found here:

The blue one is owned by Mats, head of Club Renault Sweden. It really does look great in reallity but I can understand that some of you doesn´t like all the stickers on it.

My sunstrip says nothing else ;-) and the checkerstripe is metallic dark gray.

  Clio v6

Yellow is my favourite colour on Clios even those that have been run over with a wet sticky black tyre. ( was it a V6 trying to get past you? )

Anyway I tried to download the video and needed the codec but that downlaoded an "I-Worm/SirCam" Virus onto my PC. Think my anti-virus wotsit has dealt with it?
  Opel Astra Caravan 1.8

Just removed the bad dix.exe from my site and put a link directly to instead

haha, have not been run down by ant V6 ;-) A whole lot´ta bunch of A3s and other GTi-cars have been reun down by me hehe *LOL*

There´s only 4 sunflower yellow Clio172 here in Sweden... nice to be one of four! )


Hi Joel, nice car & site. Wasnt meaning to be offensive about the other stickering - each to their own, and all that!!!

Where did your mate get the RenaultSport door sticker from?

  Opel Astra Caravan 1.8

Its ok, I understand

I tried to get in contact with RenaultSport in france to get a hold of the RenaultSport-logo in hi-res. Tried like a thousand times haha, but with no result.

Sooo, I made my own...
(download .eps if you want to print it at i.e. a printshop or "sticker maker")

Good luck with the stickering