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Can a bad fuel filter cause hard warm start?


ClioSport Club Member
Surely cold starts would be even worse?

Can't cost much to change, but might be something else.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Unlikely, but you could always check for metal in the filter if the pumps on the way out.

Also check the temp sensor for faults.
  172 Ph1
Poor hot starts on a diesel will be down to low fuel pressure .
When the Hp pump get hot or expands with heat , thus causing low pressure .
Also injectors can cause this as when they also get hot they can been worn and pass excess amounts of fuel back to the return to tank .
Either way it’ll need checking .

I would research online / YouTube about DIY on how to measure Pizzo injectors return fuel flow .
4 tubes running off the injectors into a bottle for each and measure the amount of fuel being returned .