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can i fit 172 bumpers on my clio 1.6 please help

front bumper needs 172 wings and sideskirts to fit properly iirc as its wider than the standard one

a few peeps have managed to get the 172 bumper onto the standard wings but if you want it 2 look good then its not cheap

check out pics of Has's clio, as he has a 172 bumper with standard wings


yes you can, all depends on your budget. To do it right you need front bumper, 2 new flared front wings, 2 new sideskirts to match, 2 new larger arch liners plus all the undertray/splash guards and grills for the front bumper not forgetting the fog lights and their surrounds. The easier (sometimes cheaper) way to do it is to modify the bumper to fit without having to swap the wings etc. You would still need the undertrays etc to make it a proper job.
tbh mate i dont know lol

send a private message to Has! he is a top lad and will be able to give you a lot of info on price etc


bumper £100 ish from ebay, then respraying.
wings £65 x 2 from dealer, then spraying.
sideskirts...RARE but anyhting from £100 to £200 plus painting.
arch liners, £25 x 2 from dealers.
undertray and splash guards probably another £100 ish.
upper grill anything from £50 to £100
lower grill about £30
fog surrounds about £10 to £20 I would have thought.

All this plus fitting.

You would then need to have your wheels brought out to fill the wider arches, or as some people do use spacers instead of altering the suspension etc.
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mine :) on standard wings
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Timmay said:
seems a hell of a lot of effort just to get a bumper sorted - why not just save up and get a 2.0?

Because it's fun. When I traded my 1.4 in for my 172, one big sickening lump evolved in my throat, as I missed sourcing all the 172 parts and the excitement of fitting them onto the car. All made up for performance wise by the 172 though =p