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Can we lock our Clio's without arming the alarm?


As the title says - Is there a way of locking the clio without arming the alarm?

Last night, I was woken numerous times by the alarm going bonkers. I have checked all the usual - bonnet sensor, doors and boot. I have also disabled the sensors inside the car, armed the alarm and it still goes off. No luck at all.

My car is currently left unlocked!!!

Any help much appreciated.

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Open door press the lock button inside(so it locks passenger side and boot) then get out and lock the drivers door with key :) i have to do it when the dogs inside the car or she sets it off.
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There is another way...I think you turn the ignition on then off then on then off then get out and lock the car with the fob button and it should bleep a few times...this has turned the interior sensors off and should sort it


Forget it...not reading the op fail :(
well do the same and lock on the passengers :rasp:

Mine won't lock from the inside unless all the doors are closed, if I do lock it with all the doors closed then open a door it unlocks both doors again, not sure about the boot.

I'm presuming most experience this although I wouldn't rule it out being just my car because I've previously had some strange electrical issues in the past with it.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I have tried all the different methods listed on CS and the methods listed on my original alarm manual.

This is seriously turning into a bad week. I am having to leave my car unlocked everywhere I go, otherwise the alarm goes bonkers and will end up killing my battery.

Ideally, I want to:
- Lock my car without any alarm features being activated.
(Features I know of - internal sensors on the pillars and the sensors in the bonnet, doors and boot - I do not want these activating).
At meets & shows I often have to lock mine by the key as the alarm goes off all the time (loud exhausts & vibrations cause it etc) I was told that it's the sensors that need swapping over, as you've turned yours off i've no idea.

- what Clio have you got Steve ?

I have a 1.6 Dynamique which I believe is the standard alarm?!?

I will have another look at the sensors this evening and test every possible solution again. If nothing works, then I may have to start disconnecting things...

Please throw any advice/ideas this way!

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Lock each door and the boot with the key and the alarm will stay off as I have done this before myself.
^ as he has a Dynamique he'll have a phase 2 boot, so he won't have a boot lock - he'll only have the diamond & push button bit on it.
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Do you have a red alarm light by your gearstick? If so doenst it flash differently to tell you what set the alarm off?


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mine goes off if i leave the windows down, locks it self then the wind sets the alarm off, annoying!
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Hello peeps. I've got a 172 cup and my alarm is playing up as well - going off every 20 mins or so. I think mine is down to a all most flat battery but I can see they play up from time to time from all your threads on the subject.

Any way I have a bodge fix for the problem.

Open doors with fob
Sit in car and press the anti theft button while drivers door is open. ( the one you press when driving some where dodgy)
Get out of car, close the door and lock car with the key, not fob.
Now your car is locked and the alarm is not activated but the imobiliser still is. This has stopped me getting up in the night 20 times!

Hope it helps.
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I had this problem. My alarm went off every 20 minutes all night to which i had no idea as i cant really hear it from my house unless i really concentrate. Had a note on my windscreen telling me it went off all night (which i felt quite guilty lol).

Found out the problem. It was my inside light. Make sure all your lights are off even make sure the switches are on off as mine had no light showing but the switch was on.
slightly off topic, and a bit stupid but does anyone know if the Billabong clio has an alarm? I've never parked it within hearing distance of my house, and never asked when i got it if it did