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boohoo i cant find insurance that i can afford for a 16v and my age i tryed a load and liverpool victoria and their online quote was good but they could not give me it over the phone. because i aint 19 till nov and i wont have my 1 y ncb till nov (they needed the truth as it is the now) they want me to phone back in nov but i need to know if i can get insurance b4 i buy the car.

any one help me please.

I am sorry guys, but at 19, there HAS to be a limiting factor..

performance cars and inexperienced drivers dont work well...

I am sure the debate wil begin........



Im 19 and drive a 93 16v, 3 yrs NCB and my insurance is £818 fully comp..

I do live on Isle of Man tho (virtually no car crime) so maybe thats how i get away with it..

even tho the quote was good in the end, it took me a while b4 soemone would quote for it which is weired ??!?

Im sorry but im gonna have to agree with captain slarty on this one.......i have had to put up with shed boxes of cars until i got to 26 before i could afford to have a performance car....youngsters should learn to walk before they run the same as us older folk!! that way maybe all our premiums might stay abit lower!!


ps, at 26 it still costs far too much for me to drive my other halves RS yet you see cap heads driving them all the time explain that!!
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mate, phone liverpool victoria again, explain that you need quoting on the circumstances of the time you need cover, they CAN just do dummy quotes for you, ive done it lots of times

yup, and teh high quotes kinda help you in a way.

you are almost gauranteed to crash in your first year..especially in the wet.

Not saying its your first year, but have you had any experience with fast cars and driving anywhere near what their capable of?

just think if you crashd you 16V, you would:
a) have to get insurace to pay out (if it were indeed fully comp) and looose no claims and suffer high quotes for ages to come
b) damaged your beloved car, and if its bad, it just wont be the same ever again
c) feel a right tit.

Mate im 18 years old and have had my valver for 10 months - you can insure them easily. I paid £1600 first time round and Ive just re-insured for my next year at £1200

ive drove my 1.4 and other cars in extreme environoments, and ive been driving for a good few years and only had one crash and that was someone that ran into me from behind (no gay jokes please).

ill try them again and see what i can get i think i can very much handle a so called fast car ive driven a cav v6 with a 100 shot of no2 so i think i can handle a 16v clio.

Try insuring it in one of your folks names (dad or someone), and then take a fully comp policy on something really cheap in your own name(mini or something, just buy a scrap one and get the plates off it). Then cause you are fully comp on the cheap car, you will have automatic third party cover for other cars you have consent to drive. This way will save you money, will build up a no claims bonus, and the only problem is you will only have third party cover for your Clio.

Alex M