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Cant put music on iphone

  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
I use my iphone as a ipod aswell when i need a catch up on radio1 podcasts etc, but whilst tryin to put some songs on it, it just wont do, i somehow managed to copy loads before and drag them over but only 3 went over..

i Connect ipod and its sync previous apps iv downloaded and does a back up, then it says "iphone Sync is complete" "ok to disconnect"

am i beeing a bit dumb or am i missing something? this has never happend before on any ipod iiv had.
  Fiat Panda 100hp
When connected, go to the music tab and either select all entire music collection or select certain playlist to sync.
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
right still only 3 transffered, so iv wiped all the music off itunes,

So now i cant even drag from my music folder to itunes :S
  Bumder With A Buffer
I made a playlist within Itunes called "Iphone Playlist".

Then drag all my music into that playlist and sync that playlist only with the Iphone. Easiest way I found :eek:
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
i could do it that way, but having 3 songs on itunes doesnt help, as i cant transfer songs from my music folder onto itunes,

Goin to try and re-install itunes again tonight :(