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Car has been crushed!! :(


Hi guys, just about to leave to work today, my mum says "Oh dear iv hit your car!":mad:

The wing has been smashed to bits and dent in Bonnet. CANT BELEIVE THIS!! Gave her some abuse and stormed off!

Anyway looks like i need a new wing and to get rid of a dent.

Anyone got a spare 16v/williams wing in their garage....

BLOODY WOMEN DRIVERS! She says she didnt see my car.........are you blind!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Gutted. Make sure she pays for it fella! And at least it aint the rear wing!

p.s did you get my PM about the insurance? Just wanted to make sure I rang the right place!




Yes mate the number is : 01293 615143 (swinton) the quote line maybe different but you should get it from them.


The plastic wing is smashed into several different bits and the dent is on the side of the bonnet!!

Will post a pic (from my nokia) tomorrow!