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Carl's Black Gold 182 Version 2

  FF Clio 182
Was never much of a story teller so will keep this short and to the point. Started off my driving life in a 1.2, yeah was pretty awful. Having to pretty much drive flat out to get anywhere. Decided ones insurance on a sport become more of a viable financial option that would be my next step. After someone nicely writing my 1.2 off, I took my insurance money and got my self a Black Gold 182.

My 1.2...

My first 182....

ADDED 3/2/15

I got a clean, low mileage example and was only just down the road. Purchased it for the grand sum of 3k, paid my insurance of 1k and I was well away. The list of mods In wanted to do began to grow rapidly... Unfortunately it was not a fair tale ending. about a month after purchasing it, on return from Tesco the car decided it had had enough, dash lit up like a Christmas tree combined with a metal on metal screeching and a horrendous knocking. Car was still driving fine but I knew something was seriously wrong. Checked the oil level and that was OK, seems best thing to check first in these situation. Come to the conclusion the engine had spun a big end bearing, come to this decision after consulting Dan Potter at SJM even though the engine only had 54k on the clock. Coincidentally Dan had a little run in with a BMW on a track day so had an engine going from a 172 CUP. Got the car recovered down to him..... Decided seen as the engine was on the table, had Dan fit brand new Cambelt kit, Aux kit, Dephaser and Clutch just to be sure. Left the car wit Dan now being a couple quid lighter and awaited him to do his thing.

Week passed and received a call from him to say car was done. Got a lift down and collected the car, fired her up and she purred beautifully. Couple little issued needed addressing that was sorted but I carried on my Clio story.

Everything pretty much went of fine until December 2013. Coming home from seeing a friend, wasn't really driving to the conditions. Tried entering a roundabout a bit more aggressively than my Toyo T1Rs could handle. The roads were wet and greasy and I had savage under steer, ended up going through a sign and 2 trees. The second tree was to much for the Clio and stopped me and ended up spinning me around. Police arrived and took me to the local hospital and was given the all clear from the doctor. Remember the police officer looking at the car and looking at me and saying how lucky I was as he was surprised I has no injuries. The only thing that haunts me to this day is straight after the impact and I had come round, I could see smoke from the bonnet and could feel my leg pinned. Personally I felt like that was the end of me. I know it sounds a little stupid now but when you have just hit something head on at 60mph and had a face full of airbag you think of things like that. Typical me before trying to get out, I had to climb our the window, I sat there looking for my phone hoping it wasn't broken, just wrote of a 3k car and I am worry about a damn iPhone.

The Crash....

The Curse...

Anyways enough of my little sob story. Seen as I was the only one involved, the Police didn't charge me and I decided to not bother going through the insurance as it was my own fault. Didn't fancy losing my 2 years no claims so took it as a life lesson. A lesson that cost me a lot of money, so I decided to break the car for bits. Engine I got from Dan was still good so I sold that on. Seems a bit of a cursed engine that. Went for about 3 month without a car in the end.

March 2014 I was offered a Black Gold 182 down in Plymouth at a price I couldn't really refuse. Took the 3 hour drive to have a look, took it out for a little test drive and all seemed good. Signed over the paper work and all was done. Went out to start the car up for the long journey home and nothing. Car wouldn't crank at all. just test drove it now it wont start. Went back to the guys door and knocked and told him it wont start. He had a little go and seemed perplexed as I did, in the end we got it started. Put it down the a duff battery what wasn't to much of an issue as I had a Bosch S3 one off my old 182 sat at home. Got the car back and gave it a little wash and all was good. Oh it needed a rear tyre as it was like a racing click but for the money I was happy. to cut an already long story short since then i have been to a couple meets and met some great people.

After a good clean....

God I miss summer...

Current list of mods are;
  • Parrot in Car Bluetooth
  • Cooksport springs
  • V6 Airbox
  • Straight through exhaust
  • Carbon interior inserts
  • 3D printed Washer blanks
  • Full service including Plugs, filter and some Fuchs Titan oil
  • Painted inlets
  • Battery cover

Kept the mods pretty simple so far, I had alot of money problems last year so couldn't spend as much as I would have liked. I have a couple bits awaiting to go onto the car. These are
  • FK 20mm Bolt to Hub Spacers
  • 10mm PMS rear stub spacers
  • MAPS Conversion Kit.
Spacers and studs...

Thrust bearing decided to die about 5 days before the big CSOC meet at TRAX so was a bit of a mad rushing trying to source parts. Me and a mate fitted it on the Friday night before the event. Whilst we were at it I changed the lower ball joints as they were knocking and the steering rack bushings for some Powerflex ones

I think it is broken...

Picked up a set of Megane 225 Brembos for 80 at the local scrap yard so a bit of a bargain. They are currently getting dipped to remove all the grime and paint so they can be rebuilt and repainted and fitted to the 182. I will update more on that as it happens.

On the list at the moment is to fit the parts I have, finish the Brembos, Replace inner and outer track rods and hopefully get my hands on some 15 inch 1.2 Team Dynamics.

So that's pretty much if until now, been a bit of along opener but just trying to get you up to speed. A lot of bits I missed but not really worth telling....
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ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Enjoyed reading your first post! Always great to see another BG on the forum £80 for the Megane brembos is brilliant How much do you think it will be all in to have them fitted?
  FF Clio 182
Yeah I didn't really want another but couldn't really refuse so ended up with one.

Umm as a ball park figure I would day around £400, that's including the calipers. I got a rebuilt kit and retainer kit for Christmas so just need brackets, lines, painting with new disks and pads. I can rebuild them myself, I am just in two minds as to have them powder coated or just rattle can them. They are currently away getting acid dipped and possibly blasted to clean them up
  FF Clio 182
Condition I got the Brembos in ...

A couple little bits waiting to go on and the rebuilt kit for the Brembos...

The bay.. Forgot to mention in the mods list the Vibratech upper engine and gearbox mount along with the Powerflex Black Edition dogbone...

One the first things I did was put a new style RS badge on it ....

Headlights were really badly hazed so have them a go over with the 3M kit..



TRAX @ Silverstone

And as she is now. Due to the way the weather has been I really ain't in the mood to be cleaning it ...

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  FF Clio 182
Cheers mate. Seen as I had it just under a year I couldn't really write up everything I had done so sort of summarised. Will keep updating it now :)
  FF Clio 182
Just a little up date. Had to get to Swindon this morning before work as I received a phone call the day my 4 pots had been finished. Got them acid dipped to remove the gunk and then glass bead blasted to take them back to fresh, giving them a nice surface to paint. Cost me £10 for the work what I think is a bit of a bargain.... One more step complete. Just need to rebuild them then off to be powder coated....

  FF Clio 182
Just a little update. Decided to get a video of the exhaust, still needs to be booked into infinity to have all the joints V band connectors welded into place but I'm happy with it as it is ....
  FF Clio 182
Took a trip over the bridge to get me a new front bumper. My old one was pretty stone chipped and didn't really want to go down the painting route. Cost me £65 and it come with a cup pack splitter so bang on. Spent the last couple days with the front end in pieces whilst I clean the bumper up and spray the grill in satin black.

Car is going up on the ramps tomorrow to have new inner track rods, track rod ends and some Powerflex outer arb bushings.
  FF Clio 182
Had a couple of parts turn up in the post such as the Magnecore HT leads what I plan on doing when I reseal my rocker breather gasket as it has a slight blow and getting oil vapour on the rocker.

Well car survived being up on the ramp for near 3 hours. Strangely everything fitted with ease and no major issue apart from nearly setting my OS wing on fire. Inner track rods and outer track rod ends were a bit of a b**ch to undo as they had loctite on them and you can't really get good access with the subframe in the way. Powerflex outer ARB went on easily. Was good to have access to a transmission jack, so you just use that to push the bracket closed. Mate had a look at the inners and said next time I'm in we will give them a go as they look easy, his words not mine so he can't say I didn't warn him. The old outers were scrap as they had gone oval shape on the inside. We kind of guessed the tracking when we assembled it assembled it all, when we got it on the tracking machine it was pretty much bang on so alls good. Oh and whilst it was in the air I finally fitted my lambda spacer. Garage only charged me for the tracking so ramp use was free, winning....

After spending the best part of the morning in the garage I decided to finally crack on with painting my front grills. After struggling for a little bit on the Friday night trying to remove them, they finally gave up and come off. Got plastic primer and satin black from Halfords. 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of top coat was what I did as I had completely ran out of both, personally I wanted to do maybe another coat of satin but its ok as it is. I was surprised at how fast that stuff dries, was pretty much 10 minutes between coats and even then it was dry to handle. left them an hour before refitting.

Just finished with the primer (I had done the fog surrounds the night before so they were on the first satin coat)

Final Coat...

Before refitting the bumper I decided to spray the front slam panel just to protect it a little bit and tidy it up. Had some matt black stove paint about from doing my upper inlet so went straight on.

So after near 4 days of being off the car I was finally at a stage of putting it all back together. Did have an issue with the OS bumper bolt had seized and couldn't be removed so before I could fit new bumper that had to be sorted. Whilst on the ramp in the morning we took an angle grinder and a chisel to it and removed it. All the grills just popped in nicely and lined up. due to the placement of the splitter some of the holes for the under tray had been covered and wasn't in a mood to fit it back on so I left it off. Only issue is it leaves everything behind the lower grill a little exposed so will do it at some point, just wanted the bumper back on.

Just about to fit...

And she is on....

Slight oversight was the fact I have no velcro pads left to put on the bumper for the numberplate and didn't want to start drilling it. Currently the plate is in the window and will get some velcro pads when I back at work on Tuesday. I had been up and working on the car since 9am and it was no getting close to 6pm so just wanted it finished but luckily the weather was on my side so managed to get it all done. The upper grill does need adjusting slightly as the bonnet catch is catching on it when you try and open it so have to push the grill down to get in.

With the car all done on the Saturday and having a couple hours free on the Sunday I decided to go help a mate do the brakes on his 172 Cup track car... (I know it needs a clean)

So yeah kinda glad that is all sorted. Not to sure what to do next really, start looking at new wheels and tyres or to finish building up my 4 pot brembos. I am pushing more towards wheels as then I can finally fit my spacers and studs.
  FF Clio 182
Getting up to date...

Seen as I have had the car since March 2014 and I only started this thread early 2015, there is a fair amounts of stuff I haven't added. Just thought I would post a couple pics of the last year.

CSOC @ FCS 2014

Gave the car a complete decontamination and a good clay.



New rear numberplate bulb holder

New clutch before it went in


New Style RS Badge In Winter


Carbon Fibre interior trims with decal



Everyone loves a bit of beading
  FF Clio 182
So after searching for months for a set of 15" 1.2 Team Dynamics I come across a set on eBay that had been put up. Instantly messaged the seller and offered him £230 cash as he was only in Wales, ad was for £250. He accepted and arranged to collect them on the Monday evening. Like a kid waiting for Christmas all Monday I was so excited, just wanted it to be 6 so I could go get them. Met him in a service station just off the M4. Looking at the ad they were described in as new condition, once I seen them in the flesh they were brand new. Not a single mark on them, never had tyres fitted. He purchased them for a kit car but decided to go 13" instead. The guy turned up in a 13 plate Mercedes and didn't even count the money once I gave it to him so explains why he just wanted them gone. So yeah £400 wheels for £230.

Once I had to wheels I went onto tyre leader and ordered a set of 195/50/15 in some Nankang NS-2Rs. With bank holiday weekend coming up I wasn't expecting them before the weekend as they have to come in from Germany but I was in no real rush for them.

Spigot rings got delivered but I ordered 74 - 60 what appear to be fractionally to big so have re ordered some 72 - 60 so hope they right....

Got home from the gf house on Tuesday and was greeted by my DPD delivery of tyres. Taking them into my mates tyre place to have them fitted possibly Thursday.

I have come to the conclusion that the 20mm spacers will not fit as if the wheels standard are ET35 + 20mm spacers you will be looking around ET15 so may have rubbing issues. TD don't stamp the ET on the wheel for some reason. Plan to fit wheels on their own and see how they sit, the studs can take 12mm slip on spacers so that may be the route I end up taking I think.

So yeah progress ...
  FF Clio 182
Spent the weekend trying to fix a leak that appears to be coming from my rocket cover breather plate. I noticed that one of the bolts on the rocker cover is actually snapped off so isn't ideal. Took it all apart and removed the steel gasket that is in there. I read that apparently the bolts are a bit soft so purchased some new ones off eBay.

On removing I noticed it had a bit missing was isn't a good start. I cleaned off the mating surface and re sealed it with some of the Renault sealant Resin. I wasn't overly impressed with the stuff as now after it has been back together a couple days the resin goes soft once warm.

Put it back on and tightened up the bolt and all seemed to be ok. None was oozing out to much anywhere.

Decided now would be a good time to fit my magnecore leads. Fitted them was fairly straight forward, I didn't like how they clipped onto the spark plugs it felt like it wasn't a proper good connection. Went to put the upper inlet on and the no 3 lead was too short. It would plug in but was really stretched. Removed inlet to check if it was caught but was all fine. I ended up running number 3 under the inlet what wasn't ideal but wasn't squished by the inlet. Put it all back together and took it for a drive and I had a mis fire at idle and under load. Thought the coilpack may be playing up so swapped it over and still misfire. Pulled it all apart again and put the old leads on and now it is running fine. Was kinda getting annoyed as I been out since 10am and was now closing in on 6pm so I had had enough just wanted it running. When I next get a chance I want to swap the leads over but run the standard no3 lead and see if that makes a difference.

These are the leads, as you can see no 3 it is just too short

This was sort of the stage I was at but currently now running back on standard leads for now until I can sort them out. I checked them all over and none have any visual damage. I payed £25 posted off eBay second hand so no big deal.


Still appear to have oil on the inlet so I'm now starting to think the oil is coming out the snapped bolt hole. Not sure how I am going to seal it as my belts are not due for 3 years so don't want the rocker cover being pulled off. Might just see if the bolt can be extracted.
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  FF Clio 182
Little Update

Spigot rings turned up today, after 3 sets I finally got the right ones. 73 - 60 is what I needed as they a snug fit.

Put getting my tyres back till Monday now as the car is in for an MOT so going to do it all at once.

Also cleaned upper my rocker cover with some brake cleaner and no oil appears to have come back so at the moment my fix is all good. Will eventually get round to painting it silver. I have spray I just need to find the time.

Haven't really mentioned this before but I found out for definite today that I am actually moving. About 2 hours down the M4 to Watford, I just need to find a job in the area. So any members on here that are up for a good meet I am game. On that note I have put the car on the back burner a little whilst I get all my stuff and tools sorted to be moved. I think the house is on road parking what isn't ideal by they are lay by spaces and residential only so not to bad. On the look out for a garage in the area though.
  FF Clio 182
Yeah I pretty active on a couple of the Facebook groups.

Yeah the crash put an abrupt end to a money pit, not saying this on is any less of one.

Cheers mate appreciate it
  FF Clio 182
Car has been in for wheels and tyres fitted along with its MOT. Car now has a 12 month ticket on it. Not really much I can add so let the pictures do the talking....


Need to rinse off the bead seal and get some tyre shine on it
  FF Clio 182
Cheers Lads

Not sure where I am going to focus my attention next. Really want to get the 4 pots sorted but I still waiting to hear back about the brackets. Might order some front slip on 10mm spacers so I can get the stud kit fitted. That should keep me busy for a day ...
  FF Clio 182
Got spotted at the Shakespeare speedway and had this picture sent to me. Probably one of the best pictures for black gold....

Did a little bit of work on the car this morning as gearbox seems to be weeping slightly. Don't know if anyone has had any experience with them seal kits from France ? If I am honest I will probably need a new box at some point so might pick up a second hand one, get it sent of for a rebuild with the new seal kit ....
  Clio Sport 172
Hey Carl, recognise your car from the Facebook page csoc, what method do you use when washing your car? Polishes and waxes ect? I have black gold also and I'm dead impressed with your sparkle
  FF Clio 182
Washed with AutoGlym shampoo. Auto Finesse polish and then just keep going over it with some bouncers or AutoBrite detailer. Have it a good clay a couple months back, that made the world of difference. Makes the paint feel smooth as glass. Got some poor boys black hole and natty wax to go on, that should really make the colour pop. Black gold is horrible to keep clean so best thing to do is get a good wax and that will save you lots of time...
  FF Clio 182
Finding the right cleaning products for you it a real trial and error. Spending £10 on a product then not liking it. There is some good detailing posts on here and do some research helps.

Hope that helps
  Clio Sport 172
Yeh cheers only had my blackgold a month, tried blackhole and auto finesse Essense, then tries tripple and af Essense, then ag arp, blackhole and natty blue, recently bought some faracla G3 paint renovater but not used it yet. Just struggling to get rid of holograms. It looks lovely once I've don't if but after a few days swirls start appearing again, so frustrating lol
  FF Clio 182
Yeah welcome to Black Gold. Looks clean after washing until you move it. Best thing really is to get I under a DA polisher with some cutting compound, Will remove most of the swirls. Can buy one for pretty cheap and do your own car. If you get good at it you can then do other people's for cash

I tend to find mine loves dust, seems to collect it all the time. Went to Weston super mare just after washing it and come back covered In sand. But as I said previously get a good solid wax on there after all the prep and you should be ok
  FF Clio 182
Gave the new Nankang NS-2R tyres a little try out last night for the first time in the wet. Well they were not as bad as I thought they would be considering the roads are very greasy. Need to hold caution when entering roundabouts at speed, keeps breaking away on the front. I general though, I very capable tyre in wet conditions. Considering the fact it is advertised as a track/summer tyre I wasn't expect much in the wet, you can tell that just by looking at the tread pattern.
  FF Clio 182
After doing an oil change several months ago I have decided it's time for another. Was around about 7k miles ago it was done. Due to availability issue with Fuch Titan that I was running before, having to order it off the internet for 1l top up. I have decided to switch over too Millers Nano drive as it is sold at a local motor factors. Managed to get a 5 litre container for £60 off Opie Oils. Just waiting on an oil filter to be delivered ...
  Clio 182, Mercedes S320CD
Got spotted at the Shakespeare speedway and had this picture sent to me. Probably one of the best pictures for black gold.... View attachment 1217501

Did a little bit of work on the car this morning as gearbox seems to be weeping slightly. Don't know if anyone has had any experience with them seal kits from France ? If I am honest I will probably need a new box at some point so might pick up a second hand one, get it sent of for a rebuild with the new seal kit ....
View attachment 1217502
Condition I got the Brembos in ...

A couple little bits waiting to go on and the rebuilt kit for the Brembos...

The bay.. Forgot to mention in the mods list the Vibratech upper engine and gearbox mount along with the Powerflex Black Edition dogbone...


One the first things I did was put a new style RS badge on it ....

Headlights were really badly hazed so have them a go over with the 3M kit..



TRAX @ Silverstone

And as she is now. Due to the way the weather has been I really ain't in the mood to be cleaning it ...

Have you still got this mate? I know its 5 years later 🤣🙊?