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Cars gone mad!

  GW 200
Im back home after a little travelling round the med to find my car has a big problem.

Got back home car was fine after been garaged for a week. But then it started whining when I turn the steering wheel. Then later one it went mad. Now the steering whines and creaks really loud and keeps jumping from hard to easy turning. Sounds like the pumps straining really badly. Checked the levels and its fine, not moved. However there was a puddle under my car of what looks like steering fluid. So it's sat at home and can't be used at the minute and is booked in tomorrow to be looked at

Possible problems are: -

• Contaminated steering fluid (as its brown and smells funky) is screwing up the pressure and pump
• Steering pumps on its way out
• Aux belt is not doing its job and is not running the pump properly (although its recently been replaced and I believe it also runs the air con??? and this works fine so dont think this is the problem)
• Damaged CV boot/joint
• Steering racks on its way out

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are and if anyone knows possible costs for the items above? So i can brace myself and kind of plan ahead with how much and where to get it from. Any help appreciated :)