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Cause of lumpiness

Just discovered that my sisters new zetec fiesta - 3 months old stalled on her with all warning lights on the motorway last week - cause? Sludge at the bottom of her petrol tank - from our local petrol station!!!!!!! And I filled up there reasantly over the past month and since then noticed a loss in power and lumpiness when accelerating and in the mornin - what should I do hes already paying for the damage repairs to my siss car - can renault confirm if this is the cause of my problems?
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

No, Renault cant confirm this is the cause of your lumpyness, not unless you take you car in for a diagnostic check. If theres a fault with the engine management system this will hopefully recorded in the ecus memory and the technician should be able to offer a repair.

If however, there are no faults present or memorised, then it could be down to the contaminated fuel you may have purchased.

No way to be sure unless you have it checked.

Hope that helps


LOL....isnt murco is it?

mate had his car breakdown twice after using murco..........once we broke down with blocked injectors in brixton @ 12am.....scary

I know i dont have a 172 but i know having old oil can cause a lumpy problem as it does not have a constant flow through the engine also blocked injectors.

try some redex injector cleaner that may help made mine much better

Go to shell and pick up some Optimax in one of those small red containers. Then run your car almost dry then detatch the fuel tank. Empty out all the crapy cheap petrol and wash it out with a bit of water or something. Just plain water, I wouldnt use any cleaning stuff. I wouldnt have thought water would damage your tank in anyway. Pop the tank back on. Then put the optimax in, then pop down to shell again and put more optimax in. Then go for a blast. Go WOT and it should help force any crap along. Optimax has cleansers in it and will help clean your injectors etc...or so they say. I must say though that I recently started using Optimax (used to use Sainsburys 95 ron) and I must say it runs far better now. No more power, but it feels smoother and my flat spot seems to have diminished slightly, but that might be down to the weather.

Taking the tank out might be a task. There is usually a drainage plug at the bottom, or something similar. Just use that, and flush it out with a hose pipe. Me and my dad did something similar after he put petrol in my mums 1.8 diesal fiesta. But there wasnt a drainage plug there, cant remember what it was, cos I didnt actually take it out. I think it was a pipe, so it might have been the fuel line.


Discovered upon checkin gthe oil on Saturday that it was totally empty - so put new Mobil 1 in and my Grp N green filter - so muchdiffernt now feels alot better - got an injector flush and fuel attitive donne too!