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Changed Alloys

  campus sport
I Had my alloys changed today by my step dad while i was at work, got back home drove to the shop and my clutch has got alot stiffer any ideas:S?

Thanks in advance
  campus sport
Also on they way back from the misses it sounds like the wheels are rubbing on something, ive put my hand behind each wheel and there isnt nothing for the wheels to rub on.
  campus sport
could that really affect them becasue it does seem like it is only comin from the rear passenger side?
  Evo 8 MR
I put 172 wheels on mine and they rubbed against the shocks on the front under harsh steering so I wouldn't totally dismiss it.
  campus sport
just got back from work had a good look and it was catching on the arch liner stuff :( gotta put some 5mm spacers on tomorrow. thanks for all your input was much appreciated.
Stock ones probably alright but might be better changing for longer bolts just for the extra peace of mind. Think Pri Racing, something like that, they sell them cheap. Theres a topic somewhere.
  campus sport
all sorted now got my alloys on and there is plenty of clearance :) left the spacers off and pushed the lining to one side lol. will get some piccys up tomorrow if its not raining.
  MK2 FRS/Mini Type R
This happened to mine when I put my spare wheel on the rear of the car... rubbed all the liner away!!.. may have to purchase spacers to be safe!