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changed battery in key fob

  172 ph1
alrite people ive just changed my battery in key fob and now it wont start the car it did befor whys this
  ibiza cupra
some cars have what is called a red key were the key has a chip in it that is read by the ignition as part of the immobiliser. i know mercs fords and some fiats have them so i assume renault would do them too. you may nedd to take it to renault to get it re programmed or there are key cutting companies that may be able to do it aswell. not 100% sure though.
  ibiza cupra
i think there is a place in kingstanding that may be able to do it by the beggers bush called duplicut
I think it resets itself if you dont put the new battery in straigh away, you get like 10secs or something. You may have to take it to renault to be reprogrammed
  Skoda Fabia vRS
id bet its simply not in the clasp properly, undo the key again and check the battery is seated correctly, also if it was ok before, try the old battery, ive known some batteries to be duds

if all else fails, disconnect the car battery for an hour and try again, make sure you know your radio code