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Changed The Bulbs In 172

  Alfa Mito 155TB

This afternoon I spent an hour on the drive way swapping out sidelight and indicator bulbs on my 172.

Gone are the nasty weak yellowish side light bulbs, in place are Philips blue vision W5W bulbs which give out a crisp brilliant white light which matches the xenon units....the yellow sidelights are a flaw on clio 172/cups...but these £7.50 bulb sets give real bang for the buck. But the drivers side- side light bulb can be a bast#$D to take out and fit.

Secondly I changed the orange indicator bulbs which didnt look right on clear cluster headlamp units front and place now are Philips PY21W Silver vision bulbs....they look trick but finish the car off nicely.

If you were to do one thing with the bulbs on your car, I would recommend the W5W philips blue vision bulb change over above anything else.

Next month I am going to fit Philips Premium plus main beam bulbs which give 50% more bright light.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

yeah those bulbs flash orange and reflect silver when off! they make the car look mint! I have them in mine. I have interior use only blue sidelight bulbs in mine. They aint legal tho, and having been getting lots of police attention lately, i fancy changin them for the blue vision, as they are legal. Obviously they wont be very blue, as no legal bulbs are, but with the clio having clear lights, i guess they show up ok? I can get them cheap from a place i know. I guess i should get some more silver vision bulbs for my lexus clusters on the back too! Cheers, Rob


Is everything you have done this morning legal? I want to do something similar, however dont want anything illegal!
  Alfa Mito 155TB


Yes everything I have done is legal...I have been onto and these bulbs both sidelights and silver indicator bulbs pass all are some quotes:

Bluevision Side light bulbs (Philips website quote):

"3 Can I exchange my existing bulbs against a pair of BlueVision?
Of course!
The bulbs are easily exchangeable and perfectly safe and legal to use on the road."

Philips Silver Vision indicators (Powerbulbs website quote):

Complies with ECE regulations and is fully road legal.

Philips are a top notch firm and neither of these bulb sets are specified for off road or interior use only, so they are road legal.

Going to to replace the Main Beam H7 bulbs soon with Philips Vision Plus units.