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changing airbag for a williams steering wheel

Is this an easy job or not worth bothering with? Just bought a phase 2 valver with an airbag and the steering wheel isnt particulary sporty looking.

  Clio 197

The Williams steering wheel isnt realy all that nice. It is primarily plastic and the middle section isnt at all good looking in my book. I think the stuff at 9 and 3 oclock is leather but it too is very much like plastic.

Get a nice suede leather Momo or something like that if you are going to change.


my rsi has an air bag, im told you have to leave the battery of for 4 hours for the air bag to discharge, how true this is i dont know, but im getting a MOMO race wheel this weekend ,cause the RSI wheel is too bloody big!!
  BMW 320d Sport

The Williams/16v steering wheel is gorgeous. The best factory wheel ever made IMHO. Youd have to be mad to pay £100+ for a Momo rip-off of a Renault classic...what I mean by that is that all the decent Momo designs are pretty much the same as the original Williams/16v one. Proper stitched leather sides and rubbery top and bottom, classic 3 spoke design, nice and small. What more could you want?

Momo wheels (and the rest of the crappier brands) are just for those cars which didnt come with a decent wheel as standard. Just my 2p worth...
  Clio 197

Opinions are like belly buttons but my Willys wheel is probably the worst one I have come in contact with in some time. Many years actually. The plastic is really horrible and the leather hardly seems leathery at all.

No matter what we were racing we would pull the stock wheel and throw on a Momo one first thing. I only leave the stock wheel in my Willy because the car is so original. And Im a lazy old git these days...