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Check this out.....

Obviously BMW have missed something off their options list for the mini - blinkers.

You know whats goinjg to hsppen now, dont you? 2Fast4HisPram is going to sign up and do us no favours.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Hand bags at dawn me thinks, the hair dressers are coming to get us.. AHHHH!!!

So the Clio Cup is crap because it does not have ABS or Air con, well following their arguments a Mk1/Mk2 172 is the best Hot Hatch as it has aircon and ABS and is still faster than a Mini and better value for money

Whats all this French crap. They own German cars and pretend they are British. Huh?

yeah youve killed their forum!

old beetle = cool

old beetle = new beetle

new beetle = girly car

old mini = cool

old mini = new mini

is there a pattern emerging here