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Chi's Clio Collection


ClioSport Club Member
The guy is called Anthony Usher and has a company called SVP Imports (page on FB).

I purchased my AG200 from him
3 weeks ago
and he went out of his way to get the car ready & all work I requested (some at my expense) was done prior to me picking the car up.

All work was carried out by Kris Dark at Rensport in Middlesbrough.

From a personal experience
he is a really nice bloke and does actually know a thing or two about the Renault Clio.

Suppose this haul is a quick flip on the cars but he will be good to deal with.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup
Yeah, paying for storage is the killer Id imagine. Hopefully he had a claim on their insurance for the roof though? Think I’d still be mad enough to jet wash those seats off and look (prob bleached)

The irony is I think the prices maybe on the move on them recently. I’ve noticed a lack of sub £1k deals.

I do say to people (that reminisce about 205/5gtt etc) that the 172/82 is a much better car & wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want a car today that’s cheap and will be expensive in years to come to grab a nice one.

Not sure how accurate the ‘how many left’ site is but there were supposedly 7000 R5GTT’s on the road at peak as opposed to 5000 182’s and only 2000 172 cups (don’t know the normal 172 numbers?)

I’m old enough to remember when the 5’s were new and wanted one back in the day but they were always knackered when a few years old in my budget. Had 205’s but the clio is a better car all round, no reason why they won’t be a classic especially with the likes of some of the motoring journalists owning them even.

The only negative for value (which is actually a positive for the car) is the cars are generally very reliable and don’t rust as bad as the older stuff so they last longer meaning they won’t get as scarce.
I was having this exact conversation today had 5 turbos and rs turbos in my youth and look what they are worth now. Your post a definite reminder of regardless of what happens I need to keep my cup indefinitely