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clayed and waxed...

  Clio v6

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yeah, i dont really want to be promoting mr clark much longer. was going to do it today, but weather turned nasty. Got a cliosport sticker to go on somewhere as well - job for tomorrow i think

first time i have used a clay bar - was a bit unsure about how it would work but its actually good. does what it says on the box i.e. restores to "smooth as glass finish"!

yeah i bought one for my car and its really good, didnt expect the results to be so good!

Oh and the cars looking good mate!

moan moan moan!!!! :D cup spoilers were not available when i ordered as the cars had been pre ordered by the dealer. it was a choice between this one or a black one with spoiler pack but no suspension pack. i prefer the normal boot spoiler anyway tbh