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Clean Clio (with exhaust vid)

  500bhp Scoob

Needed to clean the car today, as the weather has been pants the past few weeks for me to get out there and clean it properly.

Also did a little exhaust vid :) Vid

Any feedback is more than welcome, and i know its not to some peoples tastes :)

Got some new parts to put on there, but wont be doing that until its a bit warmer, such as clear side repeaters, new wiper arms etc etc
  500bhp Scoob

Quote: Originally posted by clio172boy on 06 March 2005
God how i used to love that exhaust on my old Clio, needs lowering it dude to suit the kit....

Thanks :) lowering kit is on its way, have got to modify it a little to make it fit, but thatll be done in the next few weeks when the new engine goes in :D
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If you are going to do willy wheels you should refurb them in silver or anthracite. IMO
  500bhp Scoob

Quote: Originally posted by Martin. on 06 March 2005
If you are going to do willy wheels you should refurb them in silver or anthracite. IMO

Have thought about it, but it doesnt look that bad in person, as the colour of my car is subaru blue.

Am seriously considering getting some new wheels soon anyway
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get out there and polish that rim!! (of the exhaust)

its a disgrase!! ;)

bit on the smokey side as well

sorry but wheels dont really go with the colour tho imo
  172, Tiguan

Really looking forward to seeing the car finished Mole, its been great watching it being built up from when you first had it!

Echo what the others say about the lowering bit but I know youve got it all planned!!! Cant stand the Lexus lights, but thats just me being boring!! lol!

Keep us informed of the progress, especially the engne part!

  500bhp Scoob

that blackened rim around the tailpipe wont budge, its as if the metal itself has discoloured lol, may be due to all the flames its been popping out.

reason its smokey is coz id not gone for my usual weekend thrash to get rid of all the condensation in the backbox, and my journey to work is only 5 minutes lol.

As for the engine, ive just finished spraying the block, am waiting on my parts from GSF to arrive, then i can start putting it in.

I very much doubt ill make the breakfast run with it fitted, but definately for the next one after that :)

Lexus lights wise, im really considering just getting phase 2 rear lights, or afterburners

[Edited by Mole on 3/8/2005 8:55:18 PM]
also heres another exhaust video, that i did the next morning (annoyed many neighbours :D) 2

I know some people will hate the noise of it lol

Hi mole, good to see my 5doors rubbing strips having a 2nd life. Like the car, dont dislike the gold wheels tho it is a bit strange seeing them on a non willy and the exhaust i have to say doesnt sound bad, quite a bit of smoke, u got it de-catted ?

only thing is im not keen on the silver lexus lights. I had black ones on my last car which was black but i dont think they suit my new one.

So if you or anyone else is interested in either black lexus lights or phase one rear lights, give me a PM. meaning to put them on ebay, but thought id ask.

looks mint dude, sh*t loads of time and effort has gone into this car.

Defo get a PH2 boot strip and PH2 rear lights and it will be mint mate.

Good on ya for being different with the extra doors

  500bhp Scoob

Quote: Originally posted by Smokey on 08 March 2005
oh and have you thought about morettes??

hmmmm good call, was actually thinking angel eyes... time for photoshop request me thinks
  A silver Honda

Cars looking mint mate.

Get a phase 2 bootstrip with the lights so its debadged.

I love my k-tec zorst too:cool: