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Clean engine logo

I just finished washing my car and was wondering how to get that nice Renault sport logo on the engine block shining. I tried some chrome cleaner and got a lot of dirt but the logo isnt shining enough, then tried some carwax but it was the same. I was thinking about using some steel wool but I didn´t have any at home.

Has anyone here gotten their Renault sport engine-logo shining and has some good acvice?
  320d M Sport

apparently if u got the tools its a peice of pish! Paul172 is your man in the know, looks absolutely amazing and really want mine like that now....

Its probably sandblasted and Im not sure about getting some sand in that area. Maybe Ill just paint it red or something...
  320d M Sport

still not had this done paul!! need the tools, why cant someone do a drive in and out conversion for this?!:mad:

i offered to do teh polishing for 40 quid.......

all you need to do is send me a manifold....

turnaround is a dax or 2.
  320d M Sport

i know but i dont fancy sending my manifold through the post, i got a feelin itll come back and be slower?! mad i know