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Cleaning grease/much from the inside of a wheel

  ph1 track weapon
Bought my cup today, and the previous owner mentioned the wheel bearing went a while ago, and p*ssed grease and muck all over the inside of one of the wheels.

The mess has obviously got more and more weathered on, and having tried both fairly intense wheel cleaner and Meguiars APC neither have budged. tool wise i used a sponge and then very lighty the harsh side of a soft scourer, but neither will budge it!

any other ideas? as i'm sure it probabaly isnt good for the surface of the wheel!


pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Wall paper scraper to get the thick stuff off then leave it to soak in Fairy power spray.

Once most of the crap is off, use the APC or Wheel cleaner that you have.

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
The problem with grease is its completely water resistant. You need a good grease remover. And Ainsley Harriet rates the stuff for doing just that!
  Bumder With A Buffer
Pretty much what others have said althoug....

Either try NEAT APC (expensive :() Or some form of Tar remover

Or find someone local who wouldnt mind letting you use some Bilberry or similar..that will get rid of it
  ph1 track weapon
dammit, was rooting round the cupboards and thought it wouldnt work, so discarded it, mum and girfriend said give it a go, maybe i shoulda listened!
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Wheel cleaners wont do the job properly, f**k touching it with cloths, it just makes a mess and it goes everywhere.

You need a degreaser, take the wheel off soak it in Gunk and leave for a few mins, Also spray it all under the arch and behind the discs ect to get rid of it, Because there will be lumps everywhere, all up the arch and it will be easy to get a bit on what ever you use to wash your car and slar it over the paint along with grit thats stuck in it.