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Clicking Under the Battery area.

  ITB BG 182
Ive tried searching through the threads but can not find anything.

Before i start the car and also with the engine running there is a loud rapid clicking noise coming from the right hand side of the car, roughly in the area of the battery, it does not change speed with the car moving and everything works normally just an odd noise.
I have been told the starter motor and alternator is on the left hand side but also that it could be some thing todo with the relays.

Help any one?

i can get a video if needs be.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Get a video.

There's so many things around that area it could be!

Does it increase with revs? When you rock the engine?
  ITB BG 182
Problem SOLVED!

Team K-Tec with Andy and Bex to the rescue.

Relay was playing up. all it took was to touch each one find out which one is buzzing, pull it out an bang it on the lid then reinsert = job done!

Cheers guys