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Climate Control on Full, but no air blowing

  Phase 2 172 Cup
Drove home on sunday night with fans and air con on, brilliant!

Got in yesterday morning and turned it on as normal and there is nothing from the fans at all

its coming up on the screen as being on full, yet there is no air blowing...

Resistor pack possibly? or a fuse?

can a resistor pack be cleaned or is it a case of a new one needed??


  not a clio anymore
My symptoms were the same when my resistor pack failed.
Don't know if you can fix them. Easy enough to change but not cheap.
Could also be the fan.
Check the fuses first though,that would be first step
  Megane dci 130
Check fuses, could be the fan but all the ones iv worked on have been the resistor at fault.
dunno if the resistor on the 172's/182's is the same as my mrs' 1.2 16v clio but her blowers packed up , new heater resistor from renault £60.00 , scrappy £30.00 , i thought i'd try replacing the thermal fuse on the knackerd heater resistor first nothing to lose , snipped the old one off , bought a new thermal fuse from maplin , for 69p solderd it in place of one i cut off , blowers work fine now , happy at the savings