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Clio 1.4 RT v Nova SRI v AX GTv suzuki s

  Lupo Gti

Ok then, which is quicker, out of:

Clio 1.4 RT
Nova Sri
Suzuki swift GTI
corsa sri/sport
Give me your thoughts, cheers

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Suzuki wouldve thought....maybe sri nova - all pretty similar engines - depends on car weight - bet u could spend loadsa money on em all and they would be as quick...

Sayin that, ive only ever driven an RT and a nova SRI oit of these so f knows..!
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

I would have put the Nova above the Corsa.

The AX is probably the lightest, and has a decent engine, the Suzuki is tres rapide and it would be a shoot out between the other three. Ive raced a few Nova SRis, some have been crap others have given me a pasting.


Its the Nova GTe and GSi that are remotely warm: the SRi would have trouble out-dragging a 1.2 Clio.

Is the Swift GTis 1.3s engine NA or forced induction? It seems to have good figures: 0-60 in 8.7, 30-70 in 8.6 and a top whack of 114mph, which is pretty even with a Mk1 Clio RSi or the AX GT. The Corsas, Nova and Clio RT are progressively slower. Sorry, but the RT would be beat in this line up (maybe not by the Nova SRi with its weedy engine).

But, the Swift GTi is poor on handling and deservedly rare and the Vauxhalls are very inert handling cars besides looking crap. The AX GT is almost the quickest in a straight line, but has massively better feedback and control than the others (as will an RT if you drop it). Oddly enough, the Renault is the best built of these cars!

yeah there isnt really much to seperate the 2 sri vauxhalls - except power to weight and age.

Swift is a turbo I think...

the most under-rated hot hatch IMO is the Daihatsue Charade Gtti - 1 litre t/charged screamer

disagree with the SRi having trouble outdragging a 1.2 clio - earlier 1.4 8valvers would have problems against a well driven 1.2 16v however the later 16valver SRis and all the 1.4 sports ( which were all 16v ) could hit 60 in low 10s.

i would steer clear of the RT as its not really good at anything.

The fastest and best out of the lot is teh swift, it is a motorbiked engines little beast!

8000-9000rpm red line and a real howler!!!!

its amazingly fast, handles fab and has great brakes, and can be tuned easily (im not taking bolt on stuff) and is top choice in the stock and hot hatch series before the 1.6 106 rallye came along.

I would get the swift!

oh, swift is NA.......

and yup, the charade turbo is a hoot, with 150bhp easy though its little turbo 3 cylinder........

I was refering to the Nova SRi. I remember seeing it with a 0-60 of 15 secs. I thought it was a 1.3 Nova with some GTe/GSi body bits.
  Lupo Gti

yeh, Ive only been in the RT and AX GT, i reckon AX would beat the RT, suzuki is in a different league with stats like that. Novas are so varied, all depends how they have been treated i reckon, but a good SRI would prob beat a RT but not an AX gt, they are both very light, corsa and clio would be a good one.

  Audi S3

ive driven the nova and ax gt b4 and can say that the Ax is by far faster the nova sri is the bigest pile of sh*t its ven slower than the 1.3 sr nova!

id say the GT / GTi are the fastest outa the lot but not a lot between them two.

  Lupo Gti

damm it, been lookin at some swifts and they are A grade NICE! cant decide whether to keep my clio RT or go for the swift, what u reckon?

yeah, swifts are n/a twin cams, mate had one had to laugh when he said hes kept up with a clio 16v thou and there wasnt much in it :)
  mk2 172

ill let you in on a secret............................................sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i raced one ages ago that matched me from about 30 to 80 gulp that hurt, he said it was standard, however i think it was nos, cos ive raced a couple of his mates and wasted them, although is it true you can fit a 1.8 bottom end or summat to them? theres no way it was standard, these guys are swift freaks so i doubt the leave them alone. in fact a lad i know has just bought one cos iv seen him twice in it. when i see him ill lay down the challenge, although it will have to be in the saxo


dunno, but the 1.3 bottom end i where it gets that insane RPM and i oudnt change it.

but i saw one at coomb with TBs and it was teh sexiest, and i mean THE sexiest sounding car out there. agains all teh minis, ferraris, cossies westies etc etc.......just mad....and it was DAMN rapidooooooooooo to!