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Clio 16v - Buying Advice

Morning all - new to this site :)

Having recently discovered that I can get insured on a Clio 16v for only a few quid more than my current steed (Rover 214 SEi), Ive got a serious case of that horrendously expensive condition known as "The Wants..."

Ive a budget of *around* £3000-£4000 (£3K now, but ifI wait that bit longer itll be £4k), and from what Ive read I should be able to get myself a late 16v in A1 condition, with FSH etc, etc. So things are looking good.

Ive read the (most helpful) buyers guide on t other part of the site, and Ive a very rough idea of what to look for. One thing - is there anything major I should be on the lookout for? For example - when buying the Rover, the first thing I looked at was the headgasket (K-Series "characteristic" is blowing headgaskets) and a noisy top-end. Is the 16v lump prone to any serious problems? Ive heard its a tough ol unit, providing its been well-serviced. Is this correct? My (limited) experience of Renault engines suggests so - I had a 1.4 Renault 19 with 100,000 miles on the clock, and it took everything I could throw at it and never missed a bit. I was rather impressed...

Oh well enough blabbering from me. Thanks for your time

the lump is strong..........and wera is only a prob when servicing is not a consideration of teh prio owner.

bst find a car with an almost new clutch, cambelt, good box as the engine bay is so tight that it costs a FORTUNE to get any work done in there!

most things are na engine out jobbie, so buy a car for 500 quid less cause of the clutch gone, you

ll probably end up spending 700 replacing teh clutch and some other stuff whilst your in there.

get as good a consition you can, and with that money you can get a minter.

Ill get you in touch with a 16V i know for sale that is THE MINTEST i have ever seen and a great price....leather too.

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Try looking for:

Rusty rear arches

Clutch cable prone to snapping

Timing belt should have been changed at 70k or before

Try to accelerate HARD in 2nd from low revs - if it jumps out - gearbox may need to come out / new clutch

Noisy top end (pretty common when cold i think)

Rattles from interior (they ALL do it - dont worry)

Eats oil like fcuk!!

Rattly aftermarket exausts (not fitted well)

Other than that, you WILL NOT be dissapointed!!

yea main points are any rust, specailly back arches.. - stay well away!!

and what will said about the in gear accelerating.. - cause the gear boxll be shagged!

hav a look in the for sale section mate of here and"> cause they should be well looked after

If you saved 500 quid more you could get a decent williams for that money......

Things to look out for on 16vs:

Steering Rack
Rear Arches
make sure had recent cambelt change

Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 30 December 2002

and what will said about the in gear accelerating.. - cause the gear boxll be shagged!
hmm, a bit dratic init?! if it pops out of gear while giving it a hard thrash it could simply be a worn engine mount, £70 instead of £600 for a new box sounds good to me.

Read the 1994 Cars & Car Conversions article on the Williams on the main Cliosport site (under articles!). That outlines the Group A pedigree of the 16v - and its later homologated special edition: the Williams.

Despite this greatness, theyre expensive and time consuming cars - though not becuase there are any inherrent faults. Cared for cars will last very well, but those that have been repaired cheaply/not at all will cause problems. Basically, youre in deep water outside of buying from an enthusiast - youll find the odd sunken treasure, but also a lot of monsters. Many people buy a 16v, realise they need to be loved and then sell them on with problems.

I bought what looked like a really nice example, with engine mods and leather. Despite a new engine, clutch, brakes and sound bodywork, Ive spent the best part of my spare time and money over the past year replacing everything on this car.

But they look beautiful (especially with no exterior mods), make possibly the best production engine induction roar and are damn fast. Oh - and theyre only Group 12 insurance too.

Prices amongst enthusiasts depend on condition - not age or mileage (though an extremely low mileage/young example will make extra).