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Clio 16v Turbo

  Sunflower & Golf Mk6 BMT
Hey, any of you guys seen or know anything about my old bus below?

Reg: L262 WFH




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  Disastra Coupe
Looks good mate :) What's she running? Friend of mine has one kicking out 276bhp and it's an animal. Truly the most fun i've had off a motorbike lol.
  ITB'd MK1
Dont know the whereabouts of the car, but i've seen that exhaust manifold up for sale recently, I'm sure of it (being that it's not the normal cast iron type)
I think it was broken.
Thast the not the fuel going down that fast, the early valvers use a seperate fuel sender which is very unstable, once stopped the fuel would have gone back up
  Sunflower & Golf Mk6 BMT
Ye I heard rumours it blew up :-/ Was SO quick, I had it stripped out with one seat lol M3 slayer.

This was the spec when I sold it about a year and a half ago:

1993 Mk1 Ph1, Renault Clio 1.8 16v Turbo, 210 BHP @ the fly.

Basic spec:

Garrett GT2860RS BB Turbo @ 8psi of boost
Manual boost controller
Bespoke low comp pistons
Oversized FMIC
SS custom manifold and down pipe
Group N scuttle IK
Group N organic clutch
Renault 21 green turbo injectors
Renault 21 map sensor
Mocal external oil pump
Rebuild head and bottom end
Matched inlets
Custom low boost map
Mocal oil cooler
Boost gauge, oil pressure and oil temp gauges
  Sunflower & Golf Mk6 BMT
Oh FYI... that video is in second gear going up a slight hill. Couldn't set off in third, too much spin :p