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Clio 16v VS supra

hello guys and gals...

just came back from basildon and had a bit of fun with a red supra... its later spec one... not sure on the engine...i was three up and he was with his bird...

anyways started when overtook him coming out of maccy ds...he fell back but when we got to the half roundabout thing on the a127 (people who kno the area should know wat im on about) and his on my ass... i gun it and he does to but gave up pretty a little further down the road and he goes to overtake us...he comes past, i drop it into third and gave chase...undertook him and according to my passengers he was trying to give the impression he werent even trying...maybe?!?!

anyways if that aint good enough for us he tries it again...goes to overtake again but this time i drop it down earlier and cane it.... coming toward top of 3rd he was about a car length behind and it stayed like that for ages..

i know many are gonna say he werent trying the second time either but he must of been a good driver to keep roughly equal distance all that time....


oh yeah just in case u ned reference

my car aint std, i find it hard to beleive too but im sure it was not a turbo one but hey even a 3.0 would paste me accordingly

it just puzzles me that he would keep the same distance all the way up to 115. why not over take me if he could

is it coz he really could not overtake my stage 2 valver;)

myh passengers think the supra was wasted but im not sure

does feel good though kinda funny

either my car is fast or supras are a bit gay


If it was a Turbo Supra it should have eaten you alive.

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Good toasting. Perhaps it was an autobox 3.0 litre N/A and full of subs? The N/A supras have something like 230 bhp and weigh a fair bit , and the autos probably weigh a bit more. So something like 160 per tonne or maybe lower? I heard of someone in here, i think Louise (?) who raced her friend in a supra and beat it or kept up - N/A one that is and she was in a Williams, i may have dreamt this tho......
  CTR EK9 turbo

oh yeah and if it was UK spec it will have a bonnet scoop if its twin turbo and none if its not. However the Jap imports dont have scoops and can be either single or twin turbo......... 6 speed manuals are v.rare. I really like them (twin turbo manuals that is) and wouldnt mind one!
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It was probably the NA one which is still quick but theyre huge heavy great things so nice one Wongy for taking on and caning the Supra mate.

hello nick...hows ur turbo coming along?? its danny here...

yeah NA supras are still meant to shift quite a bit... was surprised when he couldnt get past...kinda funny... theres us in a clio and him in his supra probably thinknig hell paste us....

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I really dont know why people street race 2/3 up ,it counts for nothing in my books and if anything did happen i dont think i could live with the concequences if i kiiled someone.After what happened last saturday at progress RD id have thought some peeps would have kept a low profile last night but it appears some people dont learn.


ok u say that...its hardly street racin is it...a127 1 oclock at night...going !15 on a dc is hardly a rare occurence is it
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Wongy-Im not sitting in judgement of you M8,just saying" I" couldnt drive that fast with other people in the car.


by the way its not wongy...its his brother...

yeah i get wat u-your saying but all im trying to say is this stuff happens all the time... theres loads of people out there who speed wth passengers in the car...the only difference this time is someone else in a supposedly faster car was doing it aswell...

not trying to have a go at you but any passenger in any car is always at risk no matter how safe the driver is suppose to be...whether it being slow or fast... accidents are a fact of driving and obviously drivers do everythin to avoid them but if its not ur fault then it will be someone elses