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clio 16v wheel decisions


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  Lazy v8

red :p


and i would go for 2 if i had to or if i could i would get wolfrace enigma urban chrome wheels, or if that is to extreme i would get oz super legs.



  Shiny red R32


I meant to ask Weight what colour his car was, not Matt - sorry!

What colour is your car Weight?


  Shiny red R32

What is wrong with the ones that are presently on your car? Are they 172 wheels? I put my 172 wheels on the Raider when I had it and now a local guy has it and my wheels!! They look great on the Raider though.

If you are getting new ones and you live in an area which has bad weather, you might be better waiting until the weather improves, so that there would be less chance of damaging them or getting them spolit by salt from the road gritting.

What about Mania RVR 11 or League Icon 5 or the Fox 6 should be cheaper for you than the Khan RSS which is what I would have chosen for your car.

I used to have aftermarket wheels on my tuned Valver, but after seeing Mat Browns look so stunning lowered to the weeds on the original Phase 2s, I decided to hunt down some original wheels too.

I know its all personal taste, and some people cant understand why I got rid of my 16" anthracite wheels, but I think the car now looks better on its Phase 2s - as the factory intended. I mean, theyre even Speedline wheels - standard!

just ordered em, gone for the second ones but in the first ones colour.

post a pic soon.................

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Thats right ben h got my valver the other week and it has those 17 inch kahns on it,the picture was up on a thread the other day and im gunna track down some phase 2,s they look wiked


  Audi TT Stronic

If I had to pick one it would be no1, but no2 is okay too

dont think fox wheels come with a lot of street kred though, if you into that sorta thing.