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Clio 172, Alternator fault, Starter Motor Fault, ect.


I Have a Clio 172, 2003. (70k miles - new cam belt/kit)

Recently i tried starting my car and the starter motor wouldn't turn. I bumped my car to start it, this worked, however the moment it bumped my Battery/Stop lights came on. The garage said i have a sticky starter motor, and that my alternators charge is fluctuating and that it needs to replaced, my car will only drive ten to twenty mins before the battery will go flat.

I recently drove my car for two hours at night, headlights on, air con on, and the radio purely to see if the garage was right. He wasnt. The car still seems to have full charge, even though the stop/battery lights remain on.

I also noticed a rubbery burning smell as i'm driving, almost like something is resting on the engine slowly melting, but i cant find anything. The oil is fine. And it does not overheat.

My right sidelight has fused over 4 times, and recently my right HID headlight also fused. Could that be related somehow, or is this purely bad luck ...

One final problem, 6-7 months back my yellow engine light came on, and the car wouldnt shift above 2-3000 revs, as if the Cam wasnt kicking in. This fixed itself. I was warned it could be an 02 sensor?.

I apoligise for the wall of text. Hopefuly somebody can help me with this. A garage would charge 800+ for these multiple repairs....