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Clio 172 Chewing through Driveshafts!

  clio 172
My clio 172 has gone through 3 drivers side driveshafts in less than a year (10k miles).

I fear that there is something very wrong. The car has been lowered 30mm on Eibach Sportline springs and someone has now advised me that after lowering the motor the wheel camber needs to be altered also. I don't think the wheel camber has been changed at all so could this be the case? If so are there any settings I need to know?

Has anyone else had this problem or anyone know of any other reasons why this should be a recurring problem?

Any help much appreciated!!

  clio 172
I also know that the first time it happened the gearbox needed changing also. Could it be that the wrong box is fitted or its fitted incorrectly (out of line slightly somehow)?
are you getting genuine ones? Might just be bad luck, Lowering a car does put more strain on them but yours is hardly lowered and i remember fred saying they ran something extremely low and saw heavy track use, they lasted over 100k iirc.
  2004 Clio 1.6 Dynamique
Im not 100% sure about this but i know on my car (focus) it has a bearing halfway down one of the driveshafts and if that fails it will destory the drive shaft. Maybe worth checking that (if it has one!)