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Clio 172 cup- fuel filter bypass???

  Mini R56 JCW 211bhp
Not sure if this is the right section but on a receipt for my Clio it states the fuel filter was bypassed when they went to change it at last service.

Anyone heard of this being done and will it effect the car in any way? Used to be turbo'd but now running a standard 2.0 172 engine I believe if that makes any difference.
  Clio 172
There's a possibility that a high pressure pump could have been installed to up the fuel pressure which may have been in-line with a filter? I'd stick your head under the car and look for a fuel filter which is infront of the fuel tank. Most intank fuel pumps have a mesh filter to prevent the dirt getting in the pump and the fuel filter filters the rest, so short term may not be a major issue but long term could damage injectors.
Some vehicles don't even have fuel filters but if it was fitted as standard it'd be best to keep it that way.
The only other explanation why the fuel filter was bypass could be they damaged the plastic fuel lines or clips during a filter change and bypassed it. I cant think of any other explanation
  Clio II 172 RS Ph1
This, plus: I dont think the intank filter just in front of the pump is able to filter such small particles as the fuel filter can.