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Clio 172 cup gear lever

  Pug 206 SW, 172 CUP
My cup has a quick shifter and I hate it. Can I buy a lever from any MK2 Clio or does it have to be a sport?

Searches come up with a few options but I would like completely bog standard. I didn't find the play in the standard 182 I had before this car a problem.



ClioSport Club Member
Doesn't have to be a sport, but I think the gearknob differs slightly.

While you're there fit a new bush in the gearbox selector end.
  Pug 206 SW, 172 CUP
Thanks. Is that the little nylon one held in by a circlip?

How do you actually get all the linkage apart at the gearbox end? It seems to be encased in rubber covers that would tear if open far enough to expose what's inside.