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Clio 172 Cup now on Renault Website


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Just been looking on the Renault website ( and noticed that they have now included the "new" Clio 172 Cup as part of the model range.

You can get the full spec, prices, options, etc. by looking at the site.

Answers a few questions anyway...
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Also looked at the spec of the current 172 It now comes with an optional Electronic Tilt and Slide sunroof !!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Just done a comparison and this is what is missing of the cup.

No sun roof option
No Headlamp washers
No sound insulating windscreen
No Xenon headlamps
No Cruise Control
No Front Lateral Aribags
No Rain Sensitive Wipers
No Split Rear Seat (For the Shopping)
No Drivers Heat and Lumber adjustable seat.
No Adjustable head rests
No Climate Control
No Pollen filter
No Aluminium door handles or surrounds
And a 4x22w stereo not a 4x40w in the normal 172

I like my creature comforts and safety so I am not in am hurry to swap my Mk2 172.

I personally think the cup is a total waste of dosh

the performance is hardly any difference, the comforts are missing etc..

I think 172 Slayer was right when he said it was a marketting ploy to let reno enter the saxo prive domain..

not my CUP of tea lol

  Clio 197

I love my Willy and have owned a bunch of stripped out homologation cars over the years. If you can only have one car and you are addicted to ICE, A/C stc. then stay away. But if you would rather mess about on a track then the deletions make sense. The lighter the car the better as far as Im concerned and the sunroof deletion makes more room for helmets.

Porsche strips out the 911 and charges more. At least Renault is selling these cars for less!

Im very close to ordering one for myself.

As Mark Dononue said: "Simplicate and add lightenss"

Hi Edd, for a track day car.. sort of.. but its no where near stripped enough for that - yet

the savings on weight dont addup when you consider the it all as a package.

it really is down to personal taste, absolutely.

I would rather have the aircon (wont live without it lol) ice, and other comfort goodies..

anyone considering buying the cup should (imho) look at an import full spec 172 for less dosh...

I really consider the cup as just marketting hype and to plug the gap in price.. nothing more, not a serious attempt at uprating either performance or suspension, or indeed , weight reduction.


oh, and any reasonable driver could make up for the slight weight reduction on a track day.. in a full race session, the weight loss may be an advantage of course, but not on user track days.


It depends on your taste. If you only have 1 car, then I agree, you want a total package. If you have others at your disposal then you have choice.

So for me personally, I do not need the other creature comforts. Ill use it to commute into London every day (45 mins each way)and then strip it completely in 12 months to use as a track-day only tool. The only thing I may miss is the Air Con in this weather, but you have to weigh up how long you actually need Air Con for in the U.K!! The seats will be pants, but I have already ordered new ones, that are the same as I have in the Impreza.

So for me, its a cracking starting tool and the exact spec I have been looking for, for a long time!!


I can well understand you all who would prefer the standard issue with its creature comforts, but as I already have a new Mondeo Ghia X which is a veritable luxury cruiser with loads of space, I actually WANT a simple, stripped out little thing. And the Cup will be positively luxurious compared with the Caterham we sold recently, so everything is relative.

Judging on the weather today if anyone is using their aircon then they are a saddist! Ive ordered my Clio Cup and cant wait for it to come. Have been driving an Astra GSI with all the toys but never use them. Ive also had it confirmed by Renault that as long as you use Renault approved parts then you can upgrade your engine and its still covered under warranty! Cant be bad?

My Grandad loves cars without sunroofes and I reckon this will go down a storm. Why? Because a sunroof gives his bald bonce sunburn!!