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Clio 172 cup or 206 gti 180 ????

Hi peeps only registered today what a site must say,good info ! anyway finally sold me house 2 weeks ago and hopefully be moving next few weeks,trouble is havent had a car for 7 months wrote me 206 gti off 137bhp model,mortgages costing a bomb havent been able to afford anything tidy :(, Rite then since without a car ive been researching into different cars like 0-60 times weights,bhp etc,and only started looking into the clios today and wooooh was quite shocked with the 0-60 time on the 172 cup AWESOME, but a week ago i quite fancied the 206 gti 180 nice sport seats etc body kit, ok book figures are between 7.5 -7.1 as in 0-60 but wanted something lil quicker and more fun to drive! can u lovely peeps help me??:D ,sorry to babble on just being without a car for all this time u tend to get s..t loads of time when not in work to look into cars more! if i did get the clio think first thing on my list would be decat and system from pro speed in cardiff,then a nice 40mm drop if not more,air filter maybe viper:dapprove: ,ive had a few cars over the years started off with a vts saxo when i were 18 thought that was fast and fun,then insurance killed me £2500 :(,went to a vtr got bored,then gsi vectra was like a flaming caravan then me 206 gti earlier this year felt quick must say but wanted more! anyway any advice would be grateful :D Thanx
I love my cup 172 and would recommend to anyone who loves driving fast and having fun but does it bother you not having aircon? If not get one mate!
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madmatt1 said:
wanted something lil quicker and more fun to drive!

This sums it up, the Cup is quicker and more fun than the 180. Not a car that'll get big gains from cheap mods though.
IMO doesn't need mods. If I could do two things to mine I would fit a decent exhaust (as they don't come with one - you know what I mean) and would lower it.
Nar air con dont bother me too much just guzzles petrol more i guess, Also i noticed on some of threads there are pics with 172 lowered but some dont say how much there lowered by and what theyve used to lower it. I did a search for a 172 cup lowered by 40mm but nothing came up, any pics? also daft question do these cars use torsion bar at the back or just springs all around? cheers
From the south wales area mate! well hopefully in about a month to month and half, like the 182 cup but not to fussed on the exhausts.
I'm Watford so a bit of a treck. Mines an 03 with 39k miles, frsh etc... Get in touch if you want when you're looking and see where the land lies...
I'm looking in that region and have a B&M Short shifter. Very tidy and well looked after etc.. When I can get my damn camera to work I'll get some pics up in the next 7 days.
Cost around £200 (plus fitting, unless you can do yourself, which some people do), makes gear change quicker and smoother. Haven't been on a track with mine or timed it but I would imagine it would shave something off 0-60
Mine had it on when I bought but have driven a mates with standard and hated it!! Comes with instructions I'm told and most people fit them. Probably 30-60 mins to do
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Welcome to CS

I suggest your drive both. For what it is worth I was Peugeot through and througfh and the 180 being as poor as it is, made me change over to Renault. Nice seats in the 180 other than that :(

If you like the spec levels of the 180 you are better looking for a 172 and cup packed 182 to get leather etc.
Love my cup. From what I've heard the 180 ain't as good as the spec suggests, defo not as fun to drive as any 172/182.

Get a Renault, join the club! :D
My mate had one, but it was just dodgy. Fitted normal GTI wheels (i.e not the 17s) and it improved things, but after i bought the 172 and took him out, it was sold pretty soon after...

Defo didn't feel like 180bhp!


ClioSport Club Member
dont know anything about teh 180s but after a recent encounter with a 138bhp model in my car the chassis doesnt seem up to much! (maby the guy was just scared to push it)

on the other hand, not many small cars that handle like a lowered clio or renaultsport clio