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Clio 172 Cup - Worth a punt?

  Clio RS172
Hi, my brother just called me to ask is i am interested in a car they have just taken in PX (he works for an Audi main dealer).

Its a 52 plate Blue Sport 172 'cup'
A couple of months MOT remaining - no advisories on last MOT (as far as i know)
Tax till end April
104K but with lots and lots of history including
  • Recent cambelt (with receipt also for previous cambelt)
  • Gearbox and clutch in 2012
  • All servicing to schedule etc, etc.

Apparently it drives great, life in the tyres, and bodywork dent and scratch free (apart from small area of lacquer peeling under rear quarter window)

They want £700.00 BUT there (even though the car runs well) is an engine management light on.....

Is it worth a punt? I don't actually need a car, but might me interested in making a couple of hundred quid on it OR maybe having it as a 'track toy'

With a fresh MOT, the Engine management light sorted and a fresh service (if it's due one) what would be a fair price for this car as a classified advert somewhere?

Whats the minimum spend you would need to throw at one of these to have some fun on a few track days a year?

Bargain, get it bought!

A fair price is around £1500 for that maybe abit less.

Minimum spend for a trackday, a helmet and a set of pads.

Serious track going new discs, pads, tyres(Maybe 2nd set of wheels). Bucket seat & strip. Depends how far you want to go really.


  Z4, VW172, R26
Get it bought, needs nothing in order to track it. If you thrash it hard enough the light might go out ;)


  Z4, VW172, R26
Might have some nice mods! Give my number to your bro in case he gets any more lol
  172 cup
As everyone else has said, what are you waiting for!
you will have to snap this ASAP otherwise you will be gutted if it goes
P.s pics if you get it!
  FiestaST(ex 172 Cup)
It's worth twice that once the management light is switched off. Do it!
  Clio RS172
Ok, went down and bought the car - me and my brother just chipped in half each (decided we will sell on)....

My fault code reader showed one error code only, which was P0443 (Evaporative Emissions System (EVAP)??
Anyway - cleared the code and re started, ran the car and it has not returned :approve:

History was nice, with loads of receipts, no HG problems and it ran nicely.

I took a couple of pictures (as requested) the car (obviously) needs a REALLY good valet and the location wasn't great - but you get the idea.




Any idea if this, has something to do with the EVAP??



And god knows what these contraptions are for?? Brake cooling??


There is a tax disc holder on the car - so chances are at somepoint it was a forum members car.

we'll see if there is a little bit of beer money to be gleaned from her once the MOT has been done (i wouldn't sell anything without a fresh MOT).


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 325i
Looks like its got a carbon cannister delete and some tasty cooling ducts.

Is that a genuine cup splitter?
  PH2 Flamer
Those brake ducts look cool as! Good purchase.

EVAP (evaporated emissions) is just the carbon canister system. Which yours has been removed. So refit one, light will be sorted.
  Clio RS172
My brother found the time to give the car a clean today..... Its come up really nice, hopefully the MOT will be drama free and i can get her up for sale....










  S1 106 XS
Looks clean, you could put it back to standard and sell the ducts and steering wheel separately maybe? People on here will have them I think.
  Clio RS172
The car will be sold with the wheel and the ducts..... Even if i were keeping her, i wouldn't have the time or inclination to source the original parts and change them over.
And i think thy suite the cars 'cup' character.