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Clio 172 Fuel Pump Into mk1

  Clio RT
Hi there, been a while since I last posted but am in desperate need of some help with the fuelling for my mk1 throttle bodied Clio. The car is set up and mapped to run at 3 bar fuel pressure and the standard pump has died. On pulling the pump there is quite a bit of crap in the bottom of the 'sump' in the tank, but the pump is also only rated as 1-2 bar so.I think I've been giving it a hard time lol. Having done a bit of research I've found that 172's run at 3 bar and early cars have a return set up rather than the later returnless.

What I'd like to know is whether the 172 fuel sender assembly with the float etc will fit in a mk1 tank? Alternatively what fuel pressure does a mk1 16v Clio run?


  Clio RT
Has nobody tried this before then? What do people do when swapping the 172/182 engines into mk1's ?

I'll have a search through some of the engine swap build threads, see what info crops up there.


Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
I use a walbro 255lph pump in the mark 1 sender setup, works fine, just a little mod to the casing of the sender and solder the wires and done :)