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Clio 172 import - Renault warranty work

OK, so I have a little list of things to be fixed on my import 172 (bought May 2002). I phoned a nearby Renault garage up, and was immediately asked if it was an import! According to the bloke on the phone they have a book on what is and isnt covered on imports and whats different e.g. certain items are covered for a shorter period of time, other arent covered at all (whereas they would be on a UK car), etc., etc.

Surprised? You bet I was! They did at least confirm that they would honour the 2 year warranty!

Has anyone else experienced this sort of attitude to import warranty work?

JJ- they are talking crap. The only difference is that you dont get breakdown insurance. If you write to Renault UK they will give you a 3 year warranty (details in several other posts).

If they mess you around report them to Renault UK, who seem to have their heads screwed on.

My local dealer (Overross, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire) are absolutely fine.

I was told by my local dealership that a problem with imported 172s is the underseal on the vehicle, and the cat may not be up to the UK regulations when it comes to MOT time. Although I believe it depends on the intended country for the vehicle.

My car came from the Netherlands which is identical to UK spec. Cars sourced from Belgium have slightly lower power output, higher restrictions on emissions I think and cars sourced outside the EU don;t have the underseal I think. Best do a search on the forum.

JJ, call RUK and ask THEM how much warranty you have left - you might find it more than two years, but probably slightly less than 3....that was my experience...


I had a guy from renault look on a computer and tell me my warranty had run out as id had the car over a year. He went onto to say though that they would still provide goodwill. What he meant by this i dont know.(its a non 172)

Thanks for the help! I actually quizzed this Renault Service guy and asked how "cars made in the same factory to the same specification can be singled out just because they have been imported." After all, every car is an import!! If RUK deny the existance of such a manual then Ill just steer well clear of the garage in question, which is a shame, as its 100 times more convenient than the one I currently use....ho hum

i was just wondering about the belgium cars having a lower power output, how can this be its not a belgian car its a car destined for the british market not the belgian unless you buy a left hooker then its exactly the same car as would be on the forcourt over here isnt it as they supply full uk spec cars

I think there were some 165hp 172s in Belgium - something to do with tax breaks.

JJ - just get your paperwork off to Renault UK and youll have your 3 year Pan-European warranty.

I think it does come down to when the car was imported too. Something to do with the date on the CoC. If it was 2002 onwards then by law it has to be covered for 2 years (before 2002 think it was 1year) and as many people have said, Renault will give you 3 years if you ask (not a dealer)
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i have experienced a bit of trouble with some dealers not wanting to do work because my mk2 172 is an import. Its a simple as this, either take it to another dealer, or report them to RUK. Nuff Said.

Spoke to Renault Uk and got three years on mine. Dont ask a dealer coz theyre just pissed as they didnt make any money out of you, and the importer under cut their prices. Only difference is, as far as I can see, is that Renault sold it to an importer (Reg Vardy in my case) insted of a dealer. Mines also from the netherlands and is the same as a uk model down to the spare alloy wheel :D
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what number are you phoning? and what did you have to supply? reg? or VIN too? (i am working in london at the mo and want to check mine but dont have the docs with me? will they tell me just off reg?

Quote: Originally posted by petes on 06 February 2003

JJ - just get your paperwork off to Renault UK and youll have your 3 year Pan-European warranty.
Thanks for the info. Who do I call to get this 3 year warranty, and what do I need to supply (and to whom)?



Help. Ive just called Renault customer services to be told that I only have a 1 year warranty on my car because it is an EU import and that had the car come from Malta I would have got 3 years!! Is this correct?

The car came from Holland.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Mine is a Dutch import too, and has the full 3 year warrenty(although this is still being debated, but thats another issue), dispite this, all EU cars have a 2 year european warrenty as standard. Was told this by Ren UK customer services.
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Rod thats all boll*cks mate. Phone them again and ask to speak to someone who isnt a thick tw*t.



Thats what I thought griff, Ive got a collegue calling up asking the same question to see what answer they get.

When she said that cars from Malta get the full 3 years and cars from withing the EU dont I almost fell off my chair.

Hi Rod, had the same trouble on mine. I had to get trade sales to tell the supplying dealer my car is from inside the EU (paris) they then gave me 2 years warranty. When i phoned up to check they said if i send my details to them, i will get the 3rd year as well! Most pleased.



Right, I think its sorted. Debs called them for me, as I thought hearing me a 3rd time might start to p**s them off. They told her exactly what it says in griffs letter. Except that if I send the docs off to Renault they will send me back the warranty details.

As the car is in for rattling seat rails in two weeks Ill take them along with me then instead. Just hope the DVLA get there finger out and send me the reg doc.

Anyone used Sutton Park Renault in Sutton?

Thanks for your help everyone




Cannock Staffs.

Im going to try Sutton Park first, as the one that used to be in Stafford is no longer a Renault dealer. I wont be taking it to the one in Digbeth though. They wouldnt even return my calls or let me book a test drive on a weekend. Even though I was going to purchase the 52 plate cup they had!! But Im not going to get started on how dealers have treated me in the past.......having to take my mom to test drive a 220GTi when I was 19....pffff

Rod, I live near Cannock and took my import 172 to the Renault Dealer in Wolverhampton. They fixed my problems no questions asked (changed o/s headlight that was leaking, cured leak under n/s rear seat and straightened my o/s front jacking point!!) and they knew it was an import. People had told me some scary stories about the place, but I was happy with the work and so far its ok!!!
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Used both Wolverhampton and Sutton. People at Wolverhampton were very friendly and even valeted my car for me when I had a few minor probs sorted.

Hi... sorry new around here but got sent this by my other half....

I had to have some warranty work done on my Clio Sport not long after I got it (the factory hadnt hooked the air con drainage up at all and it was pumping the condensation back into the car under my seat). When I finally found a dealer that would answer the phone, I booked it in and took it down there. They thought it was a rubber seal that had gone telling me itd take a day to fix.

It took 5 days to fix, whats worse is that they refused to give me a courtesy car saying they didnt have one for another 4 weeks and that it was pointless giving me my car back that day as the seat had already been removed and half the carpet. I wasnt happy with this so I phoned Renault uk and complained. The person I spoke to didnt care it was an import, he said it was still a Renault and I was still a renault customer. They explained the dealer gets a daily budget to provide the customer with a hire car should a courtesy car not be available for all warranty work carried out. Needless to say I wasnt happy that the dealership around the corner to me was pocketing the money so made them get me a car. That wasnt all though, got the car back finally only to find theyd not cleaned the carpet like Id asked (because the car smelt really damp from the water leakage), theyd not cleaned it or anything. It was in a right mess, all the other cars sitting on the forecourt that customers were waiting to collect had been washed and polished, with the exception of my car. All that because THAT dealership wouldnt give me the £4k off that I saved by buying it somewhere else.... watch those dealers theyre sneaky gits....

Anyway, sent them a stinky letter saying I wouldnt be going back if thats the kind of service I was going to get and theyve not replied to it, theyre problem, theyve lost all my servicing business.

Nah... would have meant driving back over there on the Saturday (theres no Renault Dealership in the town where I am), couldnt be bothered. Besides which they have to record all their letters of complaint with Renault UK... if its documented they cant do anything about saying I didnt complain (in fact their fault for sending me a "customer satisfaction survey"....