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clio 182 exhaust but which one?

  Mk2 172
ive got a 2005 clio 182 cup and want an exhaust for it but i am trying to find out which is the quietest. i have been told either the magnex or the janspeed? can anyone shed any light on this for me please. thanx. dan
  mazda 2 sport white
hi mate look at my post janspeed 182 this may help it sounds cool looks cool , and yes fits cool for £300
dont get as magnex!

numerous people on here have had issues with the 182 magnex, the baffles keep fooking up! maz kept getting hers replaced and they kept breaking, she went through 3 of them iirc

for an aftermarket exhaust the blueflames are very popular

for custom look at : hayward and scott, prospeed, yozzasport


  LY 200
As has been said I have had lots of problems with Magnex from the baffles going to the poor fitting of the system (tail pipes not aligned). I am on my final system with them tbh, next stage is money back time :)