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Clio 2/3 Dials Bezel - opinions please...

  Clio RS 172 Ph2

Have just seen this on ebay and am in 2 minds as to whether to get for my vee or not.

I like the idea in principle and would probably look ace with ordinary black dials, but as the vees dials (like those in the sport & 172) are a sort of mucky-grey-off-white colour, Im not convinced whether a satin finish brushed bezel doesnt clash a bit with them, though I guess itd look good to match the other silver bits of trim on the dash & interior....

What do people think - theyre pretty cheap, would you buy them?
  Polo + Micra

i dont like the fact they look very flat were as the models that come with like the silver surround are beveled around the edge
  Clio RS 172 Ph2

Thats confirmed my thoughts - have a different idea instead, and will post some photos up once its done.

Thanks guys!
  A well built VW

Where they easy to fit , i had seen them on ebay but he only had a pic of the ph2 dash - think ill have a go if its easy enough
  Clio RS 172 Ph2

I bought them off ebay (from a seller called "Octimex"). You have to be careful to get the right set, and working this out with the seller wasnt easy as he was German and his English isnt so good!

Heres a link to the auction I bought them through, so you can ask him directly if you want another set - this might make it easier!

As for fitting them it was not difficult. Took me about 15 mins, and just requires some decent contact glue and a steady hand to bond them to the fascia without making a mess!

I did the job without removing the instruments (or the dash top for that matter!) though I guess if you take the trouble to remove everything it will make fitting the rings a little easier!

Considering how much Irmscher charge for rings for the Zafira/Astra (£40+) this kit is well worth the money, and IMHO looks ace when fitted!

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