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Clio as a first car?

Hey everyone,

Basically im 17 and will be getting my licence in 2 weeks so i have to start looking for my first car!

I dont want some "tacky boy racer" car like a corsa/206/saxo (even though the new corsa's are quite nice!) and i've been slowly drawn to a Clio (1.2 16v Expression).

And im just wondering if it'd make a decent first car, cos obviously they look nice, and have decent tax/mot prices and OK insurance, but what about running/service costs? i havent been able to find decent info on them.

'Cos if you need to replace the brakes etc. every 18,000 miles or something (on some porsches you do!) then it wouldn't be that wise of an investment in the long run!

Any help/advice would be nice - figured people here would know better than anyone and wouldn't try to con me!




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Are talking a brand new car here or not, if i was 17 i know i wouldn't buy a new car?
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i had a 1.2 clio while i was learning then sold it before i passed, then got me a racing blue 182 a week before i passed....f**k insurance go for it haha,,,,
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I had a clio 1.2 16v expression ph2 as my 2nd car and it was awesome, still miss it everyday :(

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im guessing insurance is cheap on the isle of man,;) either that or you are filthy rich.:(
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If you're looking at a clio 1.2 16v mate, id spend a little extra and go for the dynamique.

Be a bit sportier, i had one as a first car and it was ace, i loved it.
My first car is the exact same as your looking at the now, I've only ever put in about a tenner a week an that kept me going for about a week an a half to 2 weeks. Service cost wise I bought it just afer the 36k service so never really needed anything, did have to change a rear wheel bearing but part from that it's been fine. Oh but if you can afford it, go for the Dynamique purely because of the extra's you get with it :)
  FIAT PANDA 100HP!!!!
If you're looking at a clio 1.2 16v mate, id spend a little extra and go for the dynamique.

Be a bit sportier, i had one as a first car and it was ace, i loved it.

yeah but not a new new one, the spec has gone down, no auto wipers or lights as standard, other stuff gone too...
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My first (18 years old), and second car (20 years old (now)) together;

Should have a Vee in the next 2/3 years.
  FIAT PANDA 100HP!!!!
dutty has that other car in the pic with yours got the sport wings as well as the bumper? cant tell.
  FIAT PANDA 100HP!!!!
while were on that subject, you dont know of any 172 rear bumpers goin anywhere do you dutty?
what extra specs come with the dynamique? that might be an investment ..

and it wont be a new one, purely for cost reasons, so im guessin an 02 model.

can ya pick them up for around £3,000?

and whats all thes 172/182's everyone bangs on about? (sorry! dont know much about Clio's!)

cheers for the input so far!



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You don't know about the 172/182? well basically there a clio with a 172bhp or 182bhp engine and a 0-60 of about 7 seconds instead of the 1.2s 13ish seconds


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  Mini GP1, Clio 182

first car brand new at 18 all paid for by myself :) they are really cheap to run, disks cost like £15 and pads about the same and tax and running costs are good
aye i think tomorrow i'll get a quote on it, dont think i'll be getting a 172/182 tho =[ just had a quick look and there about 5k.

cheers for the advice like!


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If you were to buy a first car based on it's 0-60 you deserve a big insurance premium!!

BTW, Clios, Corsas, Saxos, 106, 206 aren't boy racer cars until they've had the treatment..

I.E. black windows, potato eating exhaust, chrome alloys, etc etc.
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i would advise you get a dynamique rather than a expression/authentique.

i started out with a 1.2 8v mk1 which was nice enough and now have a 1.6 16v mk2 ph2

probably had more fun with my 1.2 tbh
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Or for 3 grand you could have my 1.4 16v! It's a W reg but is still only insyrance group 5 and a low tax band!
  Clio DCi 65
Mate clio is a good first car,

the day i passed my clio dci was ready from the garage!

Tis good to have a smaller engine at the start,

Im constantly driving,

Just clocked 14k in the first 4months!!
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I have a 1.2 16V Expression (2002) cost me £3,000 exactly, 21,000 miles on the clock, just had a service, MOT and TAX for a year.

I payed £1700 a year for my insurance (19years old, pass plus, had licence 5 months)

I put £10 a week of petrol and that lasts me all week (and i drive like a tit most of the time). Can do 120 miles on £15 worth of fuel.

Not the fastest car but handles well in sticky situations, dont know about the dynamique as iv never drove one.

All in all its a brilliant first car, low tax and insurance and fuel efficient!
cheers for the feedback/ideas!

GUNN - you on your own insurance? and what sorta policy?

not sure whether its worth me getting my own policy & getting no claims discount or just gettin put on my mums. 'cos i only get £600 a month (as i only work part time - im still at college =/.)

(oh yeah ... and is PASS PLUS worth getting? how much did it knock your premium down? - cos from what i've heard it isnt really worth bothering)




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:) Dutty_112, that other car in your picture. I saw that at Buxton raceway about two weeks ago. Was parked behind mine. Got a pic somewhere...
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I had a 1.2 16v authentique as a first car. Lasted me 3 years and never needed anything except servicing petrol and 2 new tyres. Very cheap 3 years of motoring in a good car that didnt rattle squeak or do anything that it shouldnt have done once.

Its deffinately worth getting put on your own insurance for a start if your the main driver on your mums policy its technically illegal. And also you will be able to get yourself a better car quicker rather than having to start without any no claims when you do get your own policy.

Passplus can give up to 1 yrs noclaims discount how some companies use it so for £100 it can knock a fair chunk off your policy at first my mate got a 1.6 focus as his first car paid £1200 to insure it. Which isnt too bad.
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hey dude i got a 1.2l 16v dynamique am 18 now but got it in december of last year when i was still learning, the cars are unbelievable and would advise em to anyone, they aint that bad on insurance either coz me 1600 last year and now gone done by nearly 800 quid after 1 years no claims, u could go far wrong mate, i got mine on 12000 miles and have now down 16000 and onli had to replace 1 tyre but probli my fault anyways lol. defo go for it
aye im leaning towards a dynamique at the mo,

i'll probably get my licence, get a 1.2 dynamique (in black =P), get it all insured and everything but do a pass plus at the same time and update my policy when i get it all.

how hard do you think it'd be to get hold of a dynamique for <= £3k?

cheers for all the advice!

  ZT 1.8T
My policy is TPFT, £400 excess, with Allen and Allen, to be honest Pass Plus isnt everything its cracked up to be, but i dont think my insurance company has givin me the full percentage off it should do, I did learn from the "city" driving though, stuck right in the middle of newcastle during rush hour was horrible but it did advance my observation skills, the others like motorway driving etc... didnt really do much other than build confidence.

Get your own policy you will regret it later when u have no NCB and want a bigger car.

What are the extra specs the dynamique have over the expression?
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I've got a W reg 1.4S in silver, not passed my test yet but would really like a 1.2 dynamique (just prefer the lights! lol) whilst we're on the topic, would anybody advise me to change/stick with what i've got?

Oh and insurance is £2200 :(