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Clio Cup - ABS or Traction Control optional?

Hi there,

Wonder if any of you can help me. I'm thinking of getting a 172 cup, but don't see the benefit of having no ABS.

Was ABS an option on the 172 cup?

Also, was stability control an option on the 172 cup?

Finally, has the standard 172 got both ABS and stability control?


  172 Cup
Abs wasn't an option at any point and stability control wasn't an option at any point.

Standard 172's have ABS and I believe later mk2 172's had stability.
  172 Cup
Tom Perkins said:
Thanks Griff,

I've seen a cup advertised with ABS. Is this a standard 172 with the cup package added? Was this possible?

Nope there's no such thing as a "cup package" for the 172. That's 182 territory.

You'll find lots of standard 172's branded as 172 Cup's when being sold second hand. Just down to the sellers trying to make out it's something it's not.