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clio cup discounts

right, i was up at gordon lamb today buying my new speedo cable *cringe and i suddenly remembered to have a look at the cup. anyway i was wondering, would i get a sports club discount if i bought a clio cup? cos a nice 5-10% discount on 13k wouldnt half go down a treat.


Hi Ray,

I got my import 172 last month for 13k - MJA in Guildford. All paper work was done, I just had to pay for road tax and of course the car !



Hi Ray,

You can get an import 172 or cheaper than that if you look around. I got mine for £11,499 from Trade Sales in Slough ( I think they have gone up a bit since then (£11,699 when I last looked), but if you look around, search on the internet etc then you will find some good deals. Good luck.....

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

there is a brand new non-import Cup for sale on Autotrader, 7 miles on clock, £11,500.