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  1. R

    Clio 182 Sump Guard

    Hi, Does anyone know of where to find a sump guard? Looking to compete in rally’s so a thicker one would be better (I believe?) Thanks, Rob
  2. tadas

    172 ph1 yellow fog lights

    Good day everyone! I finally got my little track monster back. Since I hurt the front bumper anyway, I want to repair/repaint it and add fog lights to it. Here are the questions: 1. Is there a specific 172 ph1 air duct made, and if there is where can I buy or 3d print one? 2. Are all the...
  3. tadas

    From gravel to road 172 PH1

    Good day all! It has been pretty much seven years since I have posted here on the forum about my gravel Clio rs 172. Basically, I have raced it in snow, ice, and gravel. I was not kind at all to it. It does have quite a few special bits to it, and it even has a special VIN number. Good bits...
  4. Codfather

    New RS Clio 182 Owner - Project RX

    Hi all, Having recently sold my MK2.5 MX-5 I was on the verge of swapping to a 135i for another fast-ish road car. At the last second though, I had a change of heart and decided to propose buying an older hot hatch and converting it into a rallycross car to race in the amateur league next...
  5. Brushwood69

    Clio Cup Rally Car first (2nd) Event

    Thought I would start this thread as a record of my car in competition. It started as a standard 182 Cup and I had the intention of buying it to sell on but I decided to keep it and turn it into a rally car. I used to sprint and hillclimb around the South West along side @GrahamV182 . I had a...
  6. Nathan Evans

    Clio 172 cup rally/race/track car

    ] A few months back now I bought a msa logbooked clio rolling shell. The plan was to buy a donar car for the engine and brakes and make one car out of the two. I ended up buying this 172 cup off eBay, it had bucket seats, coilovers and sabelt wheel. But I got offered to much profit on the...
  7. Hazza462

    RB PH1 172 Rally Car Progress

    So two weeks ago me and my girlfriend (Alex) bought a ph1 172 car with a full weld in roll cage by Custom Cages. We wanted it as a project to do over the summer break whilst off University and our intention is to have it as a track only car and maybe compete in it one day . The pics below show...
  8. James363

    Anyone competing in Wethersfield Targa?

    Hi, I am competing in the Wethersfield Targa rally this weekend, and noticed the entry list has a couple of clios. Are the entries anyone from here?
  9. J

    Mk2 Clio - AutoSOLO to RallyCross

    Hi all 😌 Just posting a thread about the journey I'm going to take from taking my little road standard Clio, & get it race ready for AutoSOLO's and RallyCross, & everything in between! :yum: Please feel free to comment & offer advice, this will be my first time doing anything like this...
  10. Brushwood69

    Southdown Stages 2017 in the Clio R3

    A quick report on the Southdowns stages rally 2017 at the famous Goodwood motor racing circuit. A drive up to Chichester on Friday to be ready for a very early start on Saturday morning. The weather forecast looked cold and variable and as it turned out this was not to far off! The temperature...
  11. Brushwood69

    Cage going in but what about alarm?

    Hi, turning my cup into a rally car and have a cage going in over the next few weeks but as I strip the car what happens to the little sensors in the A pillars? Can they be cut out? Can the alarm be deactivated permanently? Any help much appreciated as usual! BW69
  12. Brushwood69

    The still not sure what to build build thread

    So I have posted asking for ideas but time and circumstances has over taken me! I normally race an Audi TT with 340bhp but recently during an event the new hybrid turbo blew and I'm having it replaced. However I compete in the ASWMC Hillclimb & sprint rounds and had a sprint at Treloy nr...
  13. Brushwood69

    Advise to Rally, Track or Sell

    Hi All, I'm looking for advise as to what to do with my Clio Cup 182. I bought it on a whim as it was too good to miss but.... I already sprint this.. Co-drive in this And just bought this and already sprinted it! So what do I do with the Clio? Invest money and turn it into a Rally Car...
  14. richard1764

    172 cup tarmac rally build

    After a number of years on the forum picking up lots of useful information and reading many impressive project threads I thought I would start a thread on our rally car build. A bit of background to how we got here. I bought a cat D 172 cup about 5 years ago as a runabout and trackday toy but...
  15. MrBlonde

    Old Skool cool cars

    Just thought of starting an old skool hot hatch photo thread.Can be photos you have seen or come across,or even ones you have had in the past or have now.Ive got a couple of photos or ones ive had & just photos ive come across.Sorry of there already a topic on this on in the wrong section.
  16. Pauleds

    172 Cup Stage Rally Car

    I may as well try and start a bit of a build thread for my Clio stage rally car. A few of you know that I was competing in Sprints and hillclimbs in my original cup car and had some pretty good results in 2014. I had a lot of fun with quite a few class wins, 1 track record (Wigan), 2nd overall...
  17. Ling9403

    Rally front Spring rates- 172

    Hi, Running a 172 for road rallying, so ride height is up. Looking to swap the 6" and helper spring out for a 10". Just looking for advised spring rates. Currently running 335lbs (KTec) I've been advised 190lbs. Any help would be great! Thanks