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Clio Cup Series Race Cars

Right, somebody on here was asking about buying the race cars at the end of a season. I cant find the original thread, but .....

I have asked some questions about this and the answer I have so far is as follows:-

To explain about the race cars, there are only 34 sealed for championship use and they carry a price premium and change hands for around £20K. No new cars are allowed, the cars are in fact Mk1s with Phase 2 bodywork. They will stay eligible for the Clio up until the end of the 2004 season. To buy one the only thing to do is check Autosport but they are snapped up fast.

That was me!!!! Thanks for the info...... but :(

thought the mk1s would go for alot cheaper than that....but if they are the same car with mk2 panels then thats why....never mind....20k just a tad too much money for a track car....

BenR - so you can get full race spec clio cup cars from Renault Sport for 15k??? is that only in HK though??? And are they FULL RACE spec? ie. stripped out, harness digital dash etc. ?

be cheaper to buy a ragged mk1 and strip it out myself...


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

yeah Dan, but you dont get that lovely gearbox then...!

Morning Jas, tru, but you save loadsa cash and still get one light flying beast for your money. Have you guys thought about buying a 172 for track days for the club, or would thi just be too expensive and hassle to sort...i am thinking it maybe?? Would be so cool though, members could book time on cliosport organised track days in the clubs racer.....i see it now all graphics down the side... :) I am dreaming!!

up, 15K for THE CLIOCUP race car......with the sadev unit and no dash pr interior..........just a stack tacho.......very very nice eh!

FRD has decided to go with teh cliocup series and i am currently pricing the series and talking to drivers who want ot do it.......

i will keep you posted!