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Clio Cup Speedlines

  Black Clio 172 MkII

anyone made an enquiry with renault to find out if we can buy these turini wheels (with the renault logo centercaps) yet?
im gonna try the same question through the australian head office, but i dont like my chances...

cheers joel.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP


I have made enquiries. I want the wheels in 17" but I will buy these from someone else other than Renault (£960 with Goodyear Eagle f1s 205/40 17).

But you can get the centre caps from Renault I am just waiting for a price and whether they will fit the 17" wheels rather than the standard 16"s on the cup.

Hope that helps

Dont run speedlines, they are crap.

We have to run them in the KA challenge and destroy 2 per rally. even on tarmac we twisted one so badly it pulled the tyre off the rim. Although they do get mega abuse on a rally car, i dont think they are as good as the old compomotives we used to run, and they shoul dlast more than 100 stage miles. (and good old steels, well they are indestructable...)
  Black Clio 172 MkII

thanks guys...
you would think renault would put some research into a RELIABLE lightweight wheel??
i noticed on the website that the turinis are only available in 17s &18s...hence my asking.