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Clio Cup the new ’Daddy’ !

I keep thinking about cancelling my order for the Cup and getting something more in line with what I actually need, then I read articles like that and I think hmmm maybe I wont as it could be good.

I am a bit concerned about the noise though as I will be on the motorway a fair bit, anyone got one, how is it?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

I think thats one of the things thats causing so much uncertainty - nobodys actually got one! I thought the test sounded ok - i.e. it does pretty much what it says on the tin. If I bought one I would expect it to be LOUD!

The comparison with the ITR was interesting - implying it was far less civilised than a CTR. I have to say that the CTR that I test drove was anything but civilised - my ears were literally ringing after about 20 minutes. If youre worried about noise it may be wise to have a look at the cheapest import 172 thread - standard 172s can be had for around 12k.
Mind you, a standard 172 isnt exactly quiet either..

Well about three weeks ago Auto Express compared the Cup with the Cooper S, and declared the Cup the clear winner.

This week they have done the same comparison, and guess what, the Cooper S is now the better car.