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Clio Cup Winter Series - Racing Drive

While we were at Donnington last weekend watching the Clio Cup Series final round, in the paddock were some notices advertising Clio Cup Winter Series Drives - these are apparently "going" at a rate of between £8-£10k - if anybody would be interested, post here or email me:-">

JJ - just spoken to Simon North at Grovewood PR - they organise the Clio Cup Series and he says if you are serious, by all means give him a ring to enquire further - 01895 829220

That seems very cheap for a full seasons racing, if thats what it is...I would of thought though that its for only one race or maybe 2....full season in 750mc stock hatch would cost around 3.5k, and I know that the clio cups would cost alot more than that....if it was a seasons racing at a discount price that would be very very worth doing....if youve got your national B that is..

my original post says "Clio Cup Winter Series" not a full season as in cliocup as in BTCC support - it is 2 weekends racing, at Donnington and Brands Hatch in November - I do not know how much/many races are included in that, I was just trying to give people information about it! As my next post says, if you are SERIOUSLY interested, then please call Simon for more details

you are too touchy - I was simply clarifying, not just for you, but for Dan, since I did not want him to think that £8-£10k was going to get him a full seasons racing!

When you post about people chilling out, maybe you need to take some of your own advice Ben

im chilled! :cool:

i just said that 70k stuff as its probably good value for 10k.....but i hope its more than 4 races!!

i just said wow & sorry cause i am......your post before that just lead me to think that my original post was out of place.....