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Clio extreme’s HU

Hi, I just bought a Clio extreme 4 (2005 model, getting it early october!). Now I had the "chill pack" added on which gives it a CD player head unit (and aircon). I am wondering does this HU have a CD changer connection at the back which I could hook up to one of those AUX adapters?

I have an Ipod shuffle that I want to wire in somehow...

please let me know, thanks

Im not 100% sure but to use it in conjunction with an Ipod you have to buy and adaptor or something, if you buy an aftermarket headunit some can plug the ipod straight in but you cant control the ipod from the head unit until you buy an i said im not quite sure when it comes to the standard one.

yeah i know you can get like the Alpine one but i really dont care about having it display the track names on screen, afterall its just an Ipod Shuffle! Just need some way to plug the headphone port of the Ipod into the cd changer port (if it has one!?) on the HU.
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pretty sure they do, cos didnt some of the 172s come with a changer, plus the sources on the radio are tuner cd and L whatever that is. Im not certain tho, ill check the manual later.


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My mums got an 05 Extreme 4 and in the options menu it has an option for "AUX" with off or on. im not sure if that helps you but i think that might be for the CD changer

thanks for info martin

Ive been doing some research on this but does anyone know what it means when people say "Tuner List" or "Update List" when talking about the clio head unit?

just a quick answer as im about to go to bed

the clio head unit doesnt have an aux in, the cd changer is not compatable with anything else, nor is the cd changer connection on the rear of the head unit

hope this clears it up

youll have to get an iTrip for the shuffle (i think they may be compatable) to work with the head unit

but ive seen people buying those Connect2 adapters for the cd changer port?? Apparently they dont work with "Update List" head units though, but i dont know what that is.

I have an Clio Extreme 2005 too :) The aircon pack gives you a single cd in the dash and is the "Update List" one. I sent an email to Connects2 a few weeks back and they confirm ed that their device does work with the "Update List" HU - it just connects to the cd changer port.

hi a716 thanks for the info.

ill wait to get my car i think before i buy anything, just like to research beforehand thats all.