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Clio Mk1 Audio help

  ph1-mk1-1.4, white
Hi guys,

I have my heart set on some audio stuff for my car, comments would be nice, but i am looking for help on my choice of amp spacifically.

The system will consist of:

Infinity Kappa components and 6*9s to be powered off my head unit
along with Perfect 12 Subs (2 of them) .. linky ..

I was thinking of spending 125quid on an amp so my current finds:

or vibe...

i was leaning towards the kenwood, but the vibe one does look nicer...

Always look at the watts RMS value, not the 'max' or 'peak max' value - they are billy bullshit max power figures, RMS is the true rating. :cool:

So the vibe says 1 x 850wrms @ 2Ohms and the Alpine says 1 x 1000wrms at 1Ohm, though the fact that it says 1 x 500wrms at both 4Ohm and 2Ohm rings alarm bells.

6x9s's are generally a bit pants - have you considered just uprating the fronts, as rear fill isn't really necessary so I'm told :)

Not sure on the subs myself - haven't heard anything about them!

What's your total budget? :)
  ph1-mk1-1.4, white
i was thinking of spending as neer to 400 quid as i can, already have a headunit.

Also like the look on the infinity range.

  VW Passat 170 sport
Your best off going with JL stuff for sub and amps id say

my mate has a JL W3 sub and a monoblock amp

sounds the dogs in his mk1 clio Matey knocked him back £300 a think!
  VW Passat 170 sport
and as white valver says the rms is what it will be running at as ive done an electronics course so i no ;)

itll say 1200w but itll never run at 1200w!