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Clio Mk2 Ph2 Clock not working.

  Clio 1.2 Extreme
Hi there, im new to posting on this, i have a 1.2 16v extreme, paid £400 and constantly keep finding issues. after thinking of getting rid of it i thought of becoming a bit of a clio fan!
anyway.. on my car there is a new aftermarker stereo in place but all works correctly and never fails. the lights that light up the speedo and the heaters all work fine. i removed the dash to change the bulbs and i brought these once i had taken the old bulbs out on examination they were fine... i decided to pop the LED's in anyway and fired it all up. nothing came on. even using the light adjust wheel under the steering wheel. I removed these LED's and left it with no lights inside them and could still slightly see the display. when shining a light on them i can see it perfect. i then took it out and put the bulbs back in and turned it on and the bulbs were not lighting up at all, not even the original ones! little things like this really bug me! if anyone has ideas of what it could be that would be great.