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Clio MK4 1.2 16V 2013 fuses and courtesy light

  Renault Clio 2013
Hi. Unfortunately I'm in the bad books with the girlfriend at the moment... Essentially I tried replacing her interior lights with LED bulbs to modernise the interior a bit. However, I think half way through I blew a fuse or two. I've tried replacing them (fuses 12 and 35 per the manual) but now when we start the car we get a "Braking system error" message. Most of the other electrics work except the electric windows and air condition. Swapped back to the ordinary bulbs now!

Anyway, I guess a couple of questions from this:

1. Any ideas what else I might have done / how to reset / fix this.
2. Does anyone else have the same car and could they possibly take a picture of the glove box fuses in case I've put them in the wrong slots or something.

Feeling like an absolute muppet at the moment so any advice would be appreciated. Next stop would be the AA I guess but don't want to do that unless I have to.